UK 25% Off Eufy SoloCam E40 Amazon Deal

Heres a decent deal on the E40.
Currently £89.99!


You are now our “camera man” :laughing:

Crazy weather here, Paul.
Tomorrow will be 14C on Wednesday 3C (snow)
Not good for people with unstable circulation.
Not me, mine is stabilized with beer! :rofl:


Haha yes, I just need to play woth the settings a bit more but am pleased so far with just a few irritating things on the app.

The weather here has been crazy too, 12-14⁰C the last few days.
This week has highs of 6⁰ during the day and getting down to -1 some nights.

Perhaps the alcohol trick works for me too? :rofl::beer::rofl:


Very nice deal @paulstevenewing

I’ve got you both beat… lol -30c and a lot of snow today… had to fire up the snow mover after work today…

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-30⁰ is crazy cold @TheSnarkyOne
Although I’m intrigued by your snow mover.
Sounds like the sort of thing I need. You know, just in case :rofl:

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Snow mover in UK?
Better would be a “rain cloud mover” to shift those.:laughing:

We use such a simple one here :


Yes, I could ship some of the extra snow your way… :rofl:

Usually use a big plastic snow float / scoop, but the wind and a full day o snow made some rather large drifts.

So although no quicker with the snow blower / mover, was much easier…

Do you get much snow?

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Please do, we love the snow :snowflake:
Last year we had snow twice for about 2 days each time and only had a few inches.

We can’t handle the snow here. To be fair we don’t get enough for the country to invest in better snow defences/procedures.

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