UK 23% Off PowerPort III Pod Amazon Deal

Look out, deals about :rofl:
Just clapped eyes on this, was looking for a friend :smirk:

23% takes this pretty close to its lowest price I’ve noted on

Currently £32.99.


Nice discount there Paul! :ok_hand:

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Nice find Paul do the prongs on the uk version fold? Is it even possible for them to fold and be more portable

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Nice find @paulstevenewing and good to see you back sharing deals :wink:

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Another good deal Paul!

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Hey Kaitlyn
No. We don’t have folding pins. Our 3 pin prongs are quite thick, and being 3 of them, woukd probably makes it bulkier.

Thanks @Daiross and @Chiquinho


A special appearance @TheSnarkyOne :rofl:

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