UK 22% Off SmartScale P1 Amazon Deal

Heres a good discount in this smart set of scales.
22% off brings this down from £49.99 to £38.99.

Take a look here.


Another nice product that I own and recommend. Great deal :+1:

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Thanks @Ice1
Glad you like yours. I have the C1 and love those too.

Great deal on Smart Scale P1… My P1 has helped me cut my weight a lot… I check weight couple of times a day now :rofl:

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These scales work good!

Good discount on the scale!

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Nice deal on the scale, I think there a quite a few that have this one.

Thanks for the share @paulstevenewing

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Thanks @chrisjwaggoner @TheSnarkyOne
Have a great weekend.


Thanks @paulstevenewing plan to dig up the rest of the garden this weekend. Mostly root veg left.

Hope you have a good weekend as well.

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