UK 22% Off PowerPort+ Atom III 2 Port Amazon Deal

Here’s a great charger with a 45w USBC and 15w USBA port.
A great charger, and one I have myself.

22% off brings this down to £34.99


Unusual for this is IQ2 and IQ3, so that 15W port does 9V meaning most iPhones can benefit and get 15W vs IQ port most they’d get is 12W, hence this can do a reasonable job of laptop and phone. Most phones don’t take much more than 15W most of the time.

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This has been my daily charger charger since winning it.
It feeds my iPad and wireless charge stand @professor

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Nice discount there Paul!


Thanks @Daiross :+1:t2:

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Always busy in finding deals Paul.:laughing:

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Doing my best to look after everyone’s hard earned money @Chiquinho

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Nice savings, we settled on the 4 port atom. 2 x 2 (USB a / c)

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The slim 63/65w 4 port?

I mistyped… yes the galidium one, black and actually it’s the. 1 USB c and 3 USB a.

Purchased prior to professors notes about having 2 USB c ports…

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The 1C 3A 65W was deeply discounted once, the 2C 2A 63W I don’t think has been so deeply discounted yet.

This 45+15 I won in some Anker event about 18 months ago. Since then I’ve got

And I got this in a competition quantity two


I would normally when getting newer/better gift away older, usually via visiting / meeting / passing people with a charger issue and “here, keep it” but with lockdown and travel restrictions, broken arm, broken leg, my gifting opportunities have been curtailed. I’m assuming I’ll encounter the typical of about 50% iPhone so I’ve got 4 Lightning cables unused to gift also along with my older chargers.

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