UK 21% Off PowerPort Speed+ Duo Amazon Limited a Time Deal

Grab yourselves a fiver off this charger bringing it down to just £18.99.
It’s a 42w charger with 30w USBC and 12w USBA which covers most bases.

Take a look here,


I know seen it last few days, sorely tempted. Very good value.

Not for me however, I have 3 chargers of the 18W+12W type, and I need 45W+ dual, so I’m sitting on my buying button finger waiting. I only own 18W and 45W devices so this is for me no faster than the slightly cheaper £15 18+12W type.

If I didn’t own chargers, this for the value for money, with headroom for future 30W portable chargers, would be what I’d buy. £3 extra for 30W instead of 18W, no brainer for many.

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