UK 20% Off Soundcore Mini 3 Amazon Deal

Here’s a discount worth having on this mini but might speaker.
20% represents a saving of £6.60 bringing this speaker down to £26.39!


Great deal! :ok_hand:


Yes it is @Daiross :+1:t2:


Love the deal!!


Its seems a great little speaker @abigail.dmorais

Getting some greats deals there @paulstevenewing this Lil gaffer will make for great stocking stuffer

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Thanks @professor ammended :+1:t2:

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That would certainly make me happy @TheSnarkyOne :gift:

Just remember this is Partycast, which is not stereo. You’re spreading mono out over an area.

These would make sense to spread out across a house at a low unit cost. I think this is the lowest cost Partycast speaker?

Personally I think making individual speakers either left or right or merged mono can be done in software and so be a firmware upgrade but no sign as yet Soundcore is thinking that. So either TWS Stereo 2 speaker limit, or Partycast Mono 100 speaker limit.

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I think Soundcore should be able to add mullitple mono or left and right with minimal financial impact to either party.
I would say let’s watch this space, but wont…