UK 20% Off PowerCore 10000 Wireless Amazon Voucher Deal

Back in stock and with a 20% voucher available which brings this wireless PowerCore down to £23.99 from £29.99.

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Based the typical cost to add an entry level Qi transmitter of £3 and given old slow charging electronic within this which sell by themselves at a low of £16-£17, I estimate the lowest price this will sell at is around £20.

Let’s see.

The obvious logical and highly viable successor to this would be to add a Qi transmitter to the 10000 PD Slim so it becomes 18W in+out USBC with a A port, it has a low around £20 so that’s the one to wait for, at a price around £23.

While I can’t predict if faster than 5W Qi is viable (thermal conductivity) I can predict the move to 18W wired highly confidentiality.

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