UK 17% Off PowerPort III Mini Amazon Deal

Heres a great little charger, one i have myself!
Single 30w output in a small unit (although big enough to be dual port i think)
17% off brings this charger down to £19.99.


Another great deal!! @paulstevenewing :clap:

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It’s a cracking little charger, love mine. Well, as much as you can love a charger @Shenoy :grimacing:

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I know you are on top of these deals today @paulstevenewing :+1:

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Sometimes they just jump out at you, other times they are hare to come by.
After a slight drought, the deals seem to be on their way back @Ice1

Nice deal for a great charger!

Well you are back on :fire: now :+1: Good share!

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Solid deal again @paulstevenewing keeping busy, and us folk jealous of the nice deals going on.

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Thanks @chrisjwaggoner @TheSnarkyOne