UK 16% Off Nano II 45w Amazon Deal

Heres a decent disoucnt on the single port 65w charger.

Now down to £37.99, its cheapest price i believe.


Wondering if it would do the Super Fast 2.0 Samsung 45W charging? Someone would need a compatible phone and know the benchmark time for charging to know for sure.

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I would be glad to test if @AnkerOfficial wants to send me one @professor
I have the S20+ which will take 25w and the Galaxy Tab 7+ which draws 45w.

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I was forgetting i have the 45w version of this.
Its in my travel charging pack.


Galaxy Tab S7+

So i think a tick in the Super Fast Charging box.

You own Samsung devices, I own none, so you have the advantage.

I do see Super Fast 25W and Super Fast 2.0 45W.

I believe you bought, own, a USB meter? So when phone empty which supports Super Fast 2.0 45W, does the USB meter show 45W?

I do see a general direction to less reliable electricity so being able to ingest 45W when power is on is useful.

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Yes thats correct @professor i do have a meter.
Ill give it a try and let you know what the results.