UK 15% Off Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse Amazon Deal

Rare to see discount in this type of item.
15% off represents a saving of £2.40 bringing this mouse down to £13.59.

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As a good example of why £ off and % off are meaningless when the list price can change, it’s 15% off now but that makes it £15.29 when before 15% off made it £13.59

Let’s just promise each other to never quote £ off or % off? Only truth is it a new low price or a repeat of previous low price. If the list price can increase then absolute is truth everything else is false.

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£ and % are meaningless but thats because we track the prices and see when Amazon inflate to show a bigger discount.
But that is the commercial world we live in.
Ultimately, right or wrong, it is what it is.
Here, we relay that information for various reasons.
We are not the ones pulling wool over people eyes, just passing on the information for those to make their own decisions if its the right time to buy for them.
I’ve been out of the retail sector for a good many years, there used to be laws around RRPs and showing discounts amd the timing’s surrounding that. Either these don’t exist as they did, or the two people left working at trading standards don’t have the time to take on Amazon :grimacing: