UK 15% Off USBC to USB Adaptor Twin Pack Amazon Deal

Heres a little off a pair of adaptors.
Handy of you still have traditional USB cables and devices with USBC inputs.


I got those from another company, very useful indeed!

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Very handy adapters, and smart way to reduce down need for cables.

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Can anyone recommend an alternative. I think what Iā€™m looking for is a USB 3 male adapter with a USB C female.

I have an iMac late 2013 and would like to use a USB port on the back to plug in my USB C lightning cable. Ideally an Anker product would be great but I cannot see this in stock. I have their USB C Lightning cable and Nano 20w Plug which are fab.

Any recommendations especially from Amazon.Uk would be gratefully received.

Thank you in anticipation.

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