UK 15% off the new Solar Powercore


If you want to try the new Solar Powercore, there is a discount going if you buy something else at the same time.

Use code 0S8P3BXP.

Note the method of add both to basket tends to force specific products in the basket, but what you can do, worked for me, is if you’re buying one thing (on offer) and want to buy something else (not on offer) is the latter can usually get the 15% discount at checkout, try the code.


Will there be a US version?

Only @Ankerofficial can say, but I expect highly likely. I’m surprised it’s not in USA first
As UK is further north than USA and it’s shipping September there’s almost no sunshine left in UK to bother buying this now, better wait til March for the 2nd version with 18W faster input they’d inevitably have to make based on feedback.

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I know that it’s been talked about here in the community several times. As Anker products are top notch, I would prefer an Anker version as opposed to what’s on the market here in the states if you will. There’s over 300 days of sun here so this would be a great addition to my collection

Wait and watch here.

What @insider is doing is tracking via seller account and seeing the pre-inventory stage to a FBA “fulfilled by Amazon” warehouse.

If you take the same ASIN (in this case B08BRC7SCY ) and apply to you see it shipped earlier to a UK FBA warehouse than a US FBA warehouse.

If you keep checking this USA link, eventually Anker will give a date at a US FBA then you know. I doubt it’s much longer wait.


Will it be a USB-C version or standard micro USB? I know that it won’t be a high speed since it’s solar powered but I’m ready for this to be added to my collection


Says it’s available now

Yes I see it’s available.

These are my last Anker orders

image image

image image

I recommend these products, and I would recommend them for camping. If the large stored energy of the the powerbank is not sufficient, if you’re car-camping then simply carry two, but if you’re backpacking then I recommend this

It is pricey but will deliver useful energy in a broad range of conditions.


I have the 21watt foldable and this will be a nice addition to my collection