UK 15% Off PowerPort Mini Dual Port Twin Pack Amazon Deal

Heres a neat little twin pack for those that still have the need for USBA.
£2.55 brings this twin pack down to £14.49.

Take a look here,


Nice set of twins :slightly_smiling_face:

And good deal tooo…


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Youre welcome @TheSnarkyOne

I bought this using the bundled 15% off with another item they been doing.

Pairs well when you don’t have PD devices and the non-PD 10000 Powercore


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I think i missed that @professor
I don’t need two so i’m waiting on a good saving on a single.

I’d visited an elderly person and saw an old unsafe charger so I bought the two pack and gifted them one, at these prices there’s no need for anyone to have old chargers.


100% @professor
Efficiency and safety, at that price it makes sense.

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