UK 15% 725 Nano II 65w 3 Port Amazon Deal

Heres a nice early discount on this multi output charge block.
15% voucher brings this down to £50.99


Thanks for sharing.

It’s a shame this is a UK plug stuck on a USA design. It could be wider+taller and so shorter to make use of all the width.

Those poking out wings on the plug show the wasted space.

More UK specific designs requested.

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May be there is not enough market power to create a special design for UK.
Those small modifications keep the production costs low and the profit high,.

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100% @professor
I would say this is a good v1.0 of this product.

Yes that’s true @Chiquinho
Even a small change incurring a tiny extra costs quickly turns onto a large cost when producing the high quantities that Anker sells.

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Interesting would be the sales on UK market, to see if this market is so important to create special versions of those chargers.
I doubt.

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You’re probably right Franz.

I agree that smaller markets can’t justify special builds. But I’d still like the engineer to try.

My 8 year old laptop, my 4 year old phone, 3 year old tablet, don’t need these 65W chargers. So I’m watching but don’t need.

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My 12 year old Laptop died recently.
No chance to fix, not worth to fix (TFT frame broken and glued)
Did not turn on.
Tried some tricks, disconnecting and swapping the CMOS battery.
Seems to be the main-board is broken.
Its sad, but to waste more researching time, no, I will not.
Could be the main-board fuses.
But I am not skilled and equipped to check this properly.
Game over.

So I bought an 9 years old “new” one. :grin:
Works fine.
2,6 ghz, 8GB, 128SSD

I was talking about.

WHY wasting resources , buying new hardware only to fill companies wallets.
This is the reason I DONT LIKE MS and APPLE.
Isnt it true that people who know about this, are using old devices
even when they could afford all the new garbage.
Of course I could have bought a new laptop.
But why?
Only those who can not afford buy all this new crap to be “en vogue”.
You all know what I mean.


We bought a laptop from black Friday several years ago and then the hard drive crapped out right after warranty. Most things are not built to last or are being built to last for the short term.

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How do we call this?
This could happen with mech hard drives, or was it a SSD?
SSD _> do trimming from time to time! :slight_smile:

I am sure my “new” old laptop (9 years old) will last the next 5 years.
There is no need to buy brand new not well manufactured articles.

BUT my Anker and soundcore items are fine.
No problems after years of use.


My 8 year old laptop finally died last week. Got myself a new Chromebook, runs Linux, runs Android, charges off USB-C PD, adding a SD card to get a lot of storage. Hoping it lasts 8 years, although my average is around 4 years. What seems to fail is the screen, keyboard, charging port, so got a model sturdy in all those aspects. Although I’m not seeing any screws to service a replacement keyboard or battery to stretch it to longer life.

I’m visiting USA, FYI electronics working out around 30% lower cost than UK, some of that due to lower tax.


I cant believe there are no screws to open.
Often these are hidden under these rubber feet.
Otherwise it can be opened by levering the case.


Probably, I can see some signs of well designed closely placed metal case and yes probably screws under rubber feet.


I got this model

I’m home now and test charged it using Anker Powerport 45W, 30W, 18W ports. On 45W and 30W it shows image

When on 18W Powerport and 18W and 10W Powercore shows image

So that means I can get by with a wide range of chargers including my existing 4 port 63W which does 45W / 30W / 18W depending on what is connected, as well as keep my laptop charged off my existing lower cost 18W and even lower cost 10W Powercore. :+1:

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Hey @professor
Long time no speak, hope all is well.
Shame about the old laptop, but well done on the choice of your new one!
Wouldn’t be without my Samsung tablet so sure you’ll love it!

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Yes all well here. Have you seen the price of electronics now, especially Anker? Yikes.

Yes Samsung tablets good stuff, I’m waiting next for my Huawei stuff to break, it dates pre-USA bans.

I was surprised my laptop took a lot less than 45W, usually they want 60W, will tolerate 45W and not work on less than 45W so fact I’m good on 30W, 18W, 10W means all my existing Anker investment is good enough. When you add the new stuff prices…

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Great to hear @professor
Yes, being a random gadget buyer, current pricing certainly has curbed my urge to purchase.

I’m in the market for a few new micro sd cards.
I’m finding a few on Amazon that I purchased 2-3 years back (Sandisk). Current pricing is 50-60% more expensive.
But then randomly other things are staying quite static or rising slightly in price but the spec is increasing too.
Crazy times.


I am much more worried about the increasing prices for food and energy.


Meal at the pub or latest USBC charger.
Tough one :sunglasses:

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