UK 12.5% Off PowerPort Atom III Slim Amazon Deal

65w 4 port (1 45w USBC and 3 USBA) slim charger, well reviewed charger.
£5 voucher brings this charger down to £34.99.

Take a look here,

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Fair price for multiport 65W.

But the ratio of A to C is off, they need to make it say two C and one A or two C and two A

Not traveling at all currently but when I did I was with the dual C 18x2W + dual A 12W to get 4 ports 48W so charge tablet+Powercore+buds. 3 port is a common need…

3 port please Anker!

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2 C and 1 A (2 A to be greedy) would be awesome.
And perhaps make the A 15/18w

It “could” then be the only charger I’d need!

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