Types of power draw products

Which types of power drawings are people most likely to win? In other words, which one should you enter in for the best chances of winning.

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You have an equal chance of winning any of them. Some only enter based on how many people enter

Right, but which products tend to get the most entries?

Go to each one and see how many people enter, it’s different every week

Most of the time the popular (and most expensive) choices are higher in bucks so they only get average numbers (less than 100)…cables, PowerCores, SoundBuds and the like often get into the 50-100 on bids…

…unless its a 1 buck event in which case all bets are off and it can hit the thousands :wink:

Think the other aspect is what qeo fencing is done for that particular drawing. Ones isolated to specific areas are usually lower in entries, while ones encompassing more areas have higher votes since more people can use their points.

Cool, thanks!

True, so are some drawings US only then?

Not sure I have seen a US only, think its US and CA usually if theyre isolated like that

You have a higher chance of winning a draw when I’ve entered it also lol

It is random so your chance is easy to calculate if you need to know. Wait til near end of the closing on a Friday and see how many entries exist, then its straight math. e.g. 500 existing entries if you entered 10 your chance is 1:50.

It is then up to you if how many Bucks you need is worth that probability, in the above example 1 entry is 1:500, 2 is 1:2250… 10 is 1:50.

There is no overall logic or rule other than the above, some items you’d think popular aren’t and vice versa.