Two Soundcore Motion+ Audio Delay

Hi there, I’m new to the forum. So I bought two Soundcore Motion+ so I can pair them up as stereo. I also bought an Orico Bluetooth 5.0 Adapter for my PC so I can watch movies and play games. It’s good using 1 speaker, the latency is almost zero but using 2 speakers, it’s laggy as hell, about 2 sec. Is it possible to solve that issue? I heard Anker uses Aptx technology, btw.

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I had a quick check, and looks like the motion+ does support aptx codec. How far apart do you have them, and any possibility that there may be interference between them from another source?

I’m not overly familiar otherwise with these, as I have the flare 2s.

I know if I have both of them on, I can only have the main connected via Bluetooth to my iOS device, and the second one has to not be connected to Bluetooth, just partycast.

Perhaps it’s the same with yours and tws pairing?

Best of luck.

One is about 10cm far from other. No interference possible. How can I enable this aptx codec on windows 10 in order to improve latency?

You can do a quick search w/ dr google for

how to enable aptx on windows 10

Seems like a BT adapter may be necessary. Depending on your computer. I had a brief look at the answers.Microsoft link.

Let the community know how goes your efforts.

Sadly I couldn’t find an answer. I tried to contact Anker support so they can send me that beta firmware. I hope it fixes this issue.

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hi, Im having the same issue. But i do know it is using aptx because i checked it using BT tweaker. It shows what codec windows 10 is using and it says aptx.

My bluetooth driver is up to date as well ( Intel DualBand Wireless-AC 9260 ) and I checked if it supported aptx and it does.

Did you hear anything back about the firmware?
Any help will be greatly appreciated

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I’ve got a similar latency issue sending Bluetooth audio from my Anker NEBULA projector to my Anker Soundcore Motion+ speakers. There is very small delay when using just one speaker, but very noticeable delay (say, 1/3 second) when using both speakers via TWS. These are all Anker products running their latest software, and it seems like the projector software should be able to correct for the delay, but there are no settings for that. At the very least, there should be a warning that “TWS introduces latency so it is not appropriate for use with our video projectors”, etc. I’m going to send an email to Anker support, but I just wanted to mention it here as well, in case anyone has some advice. Thanks in advance!

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Yes issues with latency on Motion+ does come up often.

Anker has updates to the Motion+ showing in the appropriate government wireless registration databases but details are slim on what they’ve done. Hopefully they have done a hardware update to fix this issue. Look for some kind of “updated” type wording in an Amazon listing.

I don’t think latency can be fixed by a software update, I think it can only be fixed by the hardware being altered so future purchased items have this fixed, not items already sold. That’s my guess.

It’s a shame this speaker has these issues, I have one of them and it’s a very good sound. I don’t suffer latency. This time last year I had a severe leg break and was house bound for weeks and the Motion+ behind my head on the bed made boxsets catchup a less bad experience.