Two-Cell Bolder LC90 Review (vs OG)

The Two-Cell Bolder LC90 goes mostly unchanged from the original LC90, but most of the changes that were made I’m not in love with.

Battery Life

The main selling point of the two-cell is for longer battery life. I have not tested it on this one, but on the original I was getting about 6 hours on high, so I assume this will get you about 12.

Anker has also relocated the micro USB port for charging. It is now next to the button. This change may seem exciting at first, but there is a sacrifice. I’ll get to that in a minute.

The Light Itself
Brightness is unchanged from previous model. I’m still very satisfied. The LC90 models also continue to be the only flashlights from Anker that support zoom/flood functionality. :thumbsup: Originally, your instinct may be able to turn the head, but you do not. Rather you push/pull.

My Issues
The sacrifice comes with turning the flashlight on and off and switching between modes. My biggest complaint is that now that the micro USB port is on the front, the button is so small compared to the original. This makes it much more finicky. It’s not horrible, just quite a bit worse. With the increased battery life, there is less a need to charge it as often, so in my opinion this tradeoff just isn’t worth it. Also you still can’t use it when it’s plugged in, anyways.

The Obvious Tradeoff
Of course, this flashlight is also much larger and heavier (see pictures for reference and Amazon links for specifications). Again, in my opinion, it’s not worth the tradeoff for most situations. I suppose this could be beneficial for an extended power outage when you need light from sunset to sunrise and then can recharge during the day, so if that is your only intended use for this, the two-cell may just be the way to go.

Overall, while this is still a well-performing flashlight, for most people I think the original LC90 is a better choice. Oh, and it’s $10 less expensive.

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Is the new flashlight more convenient to hold?

Thanks for the review.

The photos are not clear (on my screen with these 'ole eyes) are you saying the USB port is now a peel-back rubber flap at the end of the new LC90 rather than unscrew and reveal USB on the original?

If so, it is like the new LC40 we have used daily for weeks for dog walking and its just fine. It has been used by 4 people who simply react they like it and it works.

I cannot imagine a situation I encounter which needs the new LC90. That doesn’t mean its a bad product, it could just mean I lack imagination, or the need, For me I have only 2 problems to solve (for the LC90 typical problem) which walking dog at night and surviving a power outage. The LC130 has a totally different shape it is very wide so when the power goes out we put it on its big wide end and pick the brightness level we need and it lights up the room, for all the time we need it. A room lamp you can use as a torch. The issue with a narrow tall LC90 is it probably cannot (reliably) be on its its end as a room light.

The new LC40 is the “must have” for leaving the house, the LC130 is the “must have” for in the house, the LC90 original is a good general-purpose torch which didn’t really need doubling the battery life, after all you could just unscrew and swap the 18650, it did last all night anyway on its dimmest setting.

I have no intention to buy the new LC90. Is the old LC90 ceased product and just buy before stock gone or forget?

Yes. I apologize if the photos aren’t very clear.

It is still functional, but way less convenient. Really wish they hadn’t changed it.

Perhaps it’s just my unit, but I doubt it. Not only is the button about 1/4 of the size so there’s a much greater chance you’ll miss it altogether or at least partially, but it doesn’t seem as stable as before.

Not in my opinion. It’s longer, heavier. Also can’t be pocketed as easily.

Maybe the old LC90 was just too good. :joy:

It’s still not a bad product.

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The LC40 is improved, some of the benefits of the LC90 moved to the LC40.

I own all the torches I need, I got 3 LC90 original, 3 LC40 original, a LC130 and one new LC40. I got torches in all the places they could be needed (each bed headboard, etc). And I used Eufy stick-on lights to guide anyone without a torch to torch locations.

If I took all I knew now and owned nothing, I’d not buy the new LC90, I’d but the new LC40 and the original LC90.


Thanks for the review and comparison, while I do not have either if these lights I can say that from the looks of it the smaller power button is a pain. On one of my current flashlights I had replaced, the company sent me an updated version that also uses a smaller power button and often times it gets stuck or jamed…do you see that possibly happening with this? If so I will stay away from the new version and go for the older style.

Also, I can’t tell but couldn’t you just swap the end caps where the power button is from one version to the other or are they different size?

That button on the new LC90 looks like the one on the new LC40 we have and it works just fine for the weeks we used it daily.

Actually the 3 LC90 original we have, are more button fiddly. Feels in the hand the original LC90 is over-engineered button vs newer L40 button about-right. My view is of limited validity given I do not have the new LC90, unlike Josh who can give better experienced advice.

Nice review @joshuad11

I opened up my LC90 (original) last night. It’s super bright and love the shape and feel. I can’t wait to work on Friday so I can use it all day :grin:

I agree with the new look Button. It will make it more awkward to use but suppose those who have one will adjust their technique quickly.

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Nice review @joshuad11 :ok_hand:

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I agree with you on the size of the button switch, and the charging port. I’m sure Anker made these design choices for a reason, but for usability, it’s actually not better than before.

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Very nice review @joshuad11 :slight_smile:


Nice review, as always @joshuad11. I agree with you about the look. The new version’s button look small and off. I would prefer that the charging port was on the side or something and the button to turn it on/off was like the old one. For the price and “upgrade,” I think I would rather pick up the older model. The trade off of extra battery life isn’t worth the sacrifice. Especially for $10 more.

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The new end design makes it shorter, the original LC90 had two screw on caps, the first covers the batteries and presented MicroB, the 2nd presented operation button. By merging these there is a little shortening of the torch.

@joshuad11 you have both LC90 so you can show them disassembled and show the shortening advantage?


Also @nigelhealy you cannot just swap out 18650s (or at least aren’t supposed to). The cap really isn’t meant to be taken off.

It not terrible, just quite a bit worse than having the whole end be a button.
@nigelhealy doesn’t seem to be bothered by it too much with his new LC40.

I don’t really want to disassemble them. Sound pretty messy.

Anybody know if you can buy a spare Anker 18650 rechargeable battery?

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Oh its therefore like the new LC40, so it comes all pre-assembled with two 18650 secretly inside? Not sure I like that… but from an engineering perspective I see why, it shortens the torch to have the threading.

The photo crudely attempts to show what and why for the new design. The older LC90 used two caps the inner screwed down on the battery and the outer cap offered the button but compare with the older LC40 which had no USB port (remove battery to recharge) and the newer LC40 contains one cap which is combined charger+button. The combining with a non-removable battery shortens the torch as you have less metal in total, reducing from two caps with sets of threads to stack over each other to one cap and presumable a smaller thread which is sealed (somehow - glue?).

If you were making the LC90 longer via two 18650 you can see in an effort to shorten they took the decision to use the same method as the LC40 of merging caps and sealing. My guess is this shaved some cost, weight, length. Given the trade-offs here I can see why and agree with what Anker have done. It is also academic as I would not buy the new LC90 anyway, the older one is just fine for my needs, and I own 3 of them.

The merging of USB port with button necessarily makes the button smaller.


Nice work young man! your reviews are always trusted by me

Don’t you have the electricity in your hometown? XD