Turn off vibration notification in Android

Is there a way to turn off the vibration notification in Android?
It’s super annoying as it vibrates for so long and causes my phone battery to discharge at an alarming rate.
I cannot find how to turn it off. Is this even a feature that is easily disabled?

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First you should tell us the model of the phone
(there are so many different types and trademarks around :grinning:)
Then it would be useful to know used Android-version.

Slightly odd question for the forum @mr17 :sunglasses:

I don’t think it’s the vibration that’s killing your battery, more likely the notifications and additional screen on time. Or an issue with the device.

But to answer your question.

Settings / Sound and Vibrations (may be called something slightly different depending on the phone manufacturer)

Then Vibration Settings


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Actually I meant within the Eufy app itself (on Android).

Disabling all vibration alerts on my phone is not the option I am after.

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Great to have such “news”. :grin:

Regarding these “news” you could move to

On Android you can also disable notification in settings apps. I don’t have Eufy app but for example from another.

Hey @mr17
Thanks for the extra detail.
So the answer is no.
There are no settings in the phone Apps menu nor the main Eufy app.

I don’t have any devices synced to the app currently so maybe if you go to your Eufy app and look at a specific device maybe there are separate settings there?

In Android you can always stop all notifications at the settings level. That’s often too crude if you want to stop a specific type of notification, where the app itself needs to be smarter.

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