Turn off notification beep?

The alert tone or beep or notification sound or whatever when you hit max volume or a text comes in or you press play on a song, is really REALLY LOUD AND UNNECESSARY. It is always the same ear-and-mood-shattering loudness, regardless of the volume for the speaker. It has to have a disable option. How do I turn it off?

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I too find this annoying. Sadly, I don’t think they’re is a way to stop it…

It’s probably in sound settings menu somewhere.

Or in the settings of the music app you use?

What handset do you use, what device is beeping, what music app

Such little info to go on to help fully/more

Certain tones are in place by design such as the max volume which cannot be turned off…which model of speaker are you referring to?

I’m on board with this request too. It also pauses the music the most annoying second ever.

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Which speaker / buds are you talking about?
But I would maintain these can not be turned off, because hardware designed.

+1 on this request! I’m a SoundCore2 owner.

Notifications volume is absurdly high. Seriously , it’s waking up my daughter who sleeps at the other room. I have to go as far as possible in the house before I activate the speaker

I understand it’s not user-controlled, but is it possible to release a FW update to at least reduce the volume to a reasonable level?

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Yep, agreed!

Turning on/off sound is so loud, and that beep once you reach the max volume is completely unnecessary and way too loud, plus it cuts off the music as well for a few seconds.

Anker, can you guys push a firmware update that allows us to control this or disable it somehow, for the love of God?!

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Was this resolved? Having the same issue too!

FWIW, on Anker Soundcore 3, you can turn off notification beeps (on/off and max/min volume) in Soundcore app - the option to do so is under the device Settings and is called “Voice prompts” for whatever reason.
Unfortunately, it looks like the app does not support Soundcore 2, which I also have.

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If the app doesn’t support the model it can not be used and the feature can not be changed.

Of course - I was just trying to say that Soundcore 3 has that capability. I own the original Soundcore, Soundcore 2, and Soundcore 3.

There are some speakers not supported by the app.
This could be disappointing for the owners.
I use mine without any updates because these are working perfectly.
“Never change a working system, if there is no need” :smile:

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Okay, I guess, but I don’t understand the point of your last two responses :slight_smile:

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