Turn off home away notification on C24


I have a EUfy C24 camera set up for Geofencing. However, it seems that every time it goes from home to away or back again, I get a notification. This is driving me crazy. I only want a notification if a person is detected. Is there someway to turn this off, or is this not fixable?


You could get an answer here :

I do not really use geofencing as I live in a valley so low. (good pun but true) and i can not get a cell signal there (only a slight bar for a few seconds). I think there is a cog wheel to tweak it but unsure if that notification there is what you are wanting.

I think others have asked for this but I don’t it has been implemented yet

Could you be more specific? I’ve looked and I can’t find a response. It would be very helpful.


The Eufy Forum is a place were you could find much more users of Eufy items.
So if you publish your question there, there is a chance to get answers.