Trying to set up HomeKit

So I purchased and set my new Eufycam 2. Homebase2 updated, cameras charged, cameras installed.
Then I went to add Apple Homekit - I get a message from Homebase saying I need to reset the homebase and then pair to homekit.
The question is: if I do this, will I have to re-pair the cameras again? Will I have to climb back up a ladder and take the cameras down? Or will the cameras still be set?


Thank you for reaching out. @daninny

If the message mentioned that the Homebase needs to reset and then pair to home kit.

You do need to re-pair the cameras again for the setup. And please make sure all the important video clips have been saved as well.

If you are having issue with the setup, please reach out to

Looking forward to getting you taken care of as soon as possible!

Thanks for the reply
Will give it a shot and see.

Didn’t work.
Home Kit does not pair with HomeBase 2.

On top of that, now I have to re - pair the cameras by climbing a ladder.

So is this worth trying or is it not supported!!