Trying to clean my Eufy roller brush

I love my Eufy. However, my dogs short hair gets clogged in the roller every day and I can’t get it to budge easily. The cleaner tool is fairly useless as this stuff becomes velcrow with the rollers. Has anyone creative come up with anythng? Thanks

I use scissors to cut the shred of hair and threads, across the roller brush. Then pull them out, very easy to do it.

Also these get stuck to the side brush. Completely remove the side brush and then remove the hair./ Threads.

I agree with @Shenoy - cut the hair in a straight line across the brush between the rollers and peel off the layer.

I made a video about cleaning the 30c - here’s a link to the section where I clean the roller brush:

You can also use a razor blade to get the hair that gets stuck in the sides of the roller brush. I didn’t do that in the video but I have done it a few times when things get wrapped in there.

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I’m using the included cleaning tool to cut the hair across and pull it away. The sharp pointer helps to slid the tool under hair. Even with the corners of the roller

The most troubling ones are those get stuck to the edge / crease of the roller brush, need to be careful to get these out without damaging the roller brush. But it’s matter of time, have done it only once, and requires to be cleaned may be once a month!! Eufy Robovac saves a lot of time :+1:t2:

Adding the video to clean the roller brush,