Trump calls for 6G cellular technology


Power buck farming right there :point_up:


I was told we were allowed to post tech related articles if we posted in general.

Tech related? Has zero relevance in this forum. If it was regarding other chargers or cables etc or features then it would/could be torrorated. If I wanna read about the us mobile telecoms networks I’ll look on the net.


Remember this?

Are you a star contributor then?


Yeh true he’s powerbuck farming because the auction bells have rang​:joy::joy::joy:


No, but I figured that meant everyone was allowed to post this stuff. :roll_eyes:

Do we really need such “stuff”?
That’s politics!
Think we SHOULD not start any political discussion.


I will take that as a a valid reason why I shouldn’t post this. Just because it has Donald Trump in it a lot of people will get mad. :man_shrugging:

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I don’t care about Mr. President Trump, as I am living in another country.

But it is an unwritten rule here, we don’t start any actual political discussions.

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Yeah, makes sense. I didn’t really think of it as a political discussion because it’s not REALLY politics. I can see how some people would take it that way though.

That’s the bad thing about anything related to politics, it can open a flood gate of comments and stances on things. Comical as it is, I can’t bring myself to contribute to political slamming in here. That’s what Reddit is for lol.


This is the reason, we dont do here! :wink:

There are many other places for such stuff!

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I totally agree with avoiding political banter at all costs, however I do believe that cellular data and where it could be going is fascinating!

@Anjou1888, we have seen a bit of power buck farming from you. Guess you didn’t have the ‘benefit of a doubt’ in this case. :joy:

5G and 6G is all over the news, Trump related or not.

I found a couple articles

No clue on how much this would cost. Who would pay for it? I certainly can’t afford higher taxes in my area.

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This is completely off topic of this entire thread, but do you know why when someone @ me, I get two notifications for it?

You’ve probably rigged it to get more bucks :joy:


UGH we don’t need 5g-6g. There will be health implications for sure.

I feel like a lot of people have been point and powerbuck farming. Is there a way Anker can stop this or limit how people do this. Because even after we post and complain they still are getting the points. Do they still get the points even if the thread closes or is merged?

I don’t understand how this is farming? I’m literally posting something that anker recommends we post!