Trouble connecting second speaker via Bluetooth

Hello, I purchased two Soundcore Flare speakers, with the assumption that both could connect to my IphoneX or iPad to play music inside and out side the house at the same time from the same device.

I am able to connect the first speaker via bluetooth easily, then the second speaker connects to my iPhoneX and I can go back and forth between the two but they will not play simultaneously. I have attempted to follow the instructions a it seems that the speakers need to be paired together? But I am unable to get them to do so…also, when I enter pairing mode on the second speaker, a pop up on my iphone says “Pair with Headphones?” - the first speaker shows up as Soundcore…

Any help getting the proper steps to make the second speaker work would be really helpful Thanks

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Hi @Donny_L,

  1. First, let’s start over and “forget” both speakers from your phone.
  2. Then, pair one of the speakers to your phone (turn the speaker on, then tap the Bluetooth button on the speaker; you should see it the Bluetooth settings on your phone).
  3. Once the speaker is paired to your phone, hold down the Bluetooth button for 3 seconds on the speaker until the LED blinks in a white color.
  4. Turn on your 2nd speaker and hold down it’s Bluetooth button for 3 seconds as well until the LED blinks in a white color.
  5. It may take a minute, but both speakers should “find” each other and pair (white LED turns solid on both speakers). Your phone will only be paired to one speaker, but the music should play through both speakers. :thumbsup:

Let us know if you have any issues!


I had the same issue. I found it easier to connect via the app. I also did a quick write up once I figured out how to get to connect every time.

I had actually plan to share this little write up here in a couple of days. How to Setup Up Soundcore’s Total Wireless Pairing

This little write shows how to manually add and sync the speakers and how to do via the app.

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Perfect! Where i was making my mistake was not holding down the button for 3seconds. I was pushing it 3 times. Regardless it works now. Thank you for your help!!!


Awesome! Glad it’s working now!