Traveling With Anker

April 2017, We special ordered a 2017 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited sport Without any of the power or navigation options as we wanted to do this ourselves. We didn’t like how the navigation screen was located in the middle of the dash thus we set out to create our own navigation system.

Image: Note that the “red” accent from the Anker car charger is plugged in on the left side of this image. Also, if one is not familiar with the Jeep Wrangler dash, what you’re looking at is the dash grab hand located on the passenger side. The tablet is slid down into the handle at a angle which is perfect viewing for the navigator.

We ended up selecting the Samsung Tab A as our main source for an Offline Navigation app via Google Play. Along with this, we needed to make sure that the tablet could be used in a number of scenario which would require a sustainable power source. This is when we turn to using the Anker PowerCore 5000.

The lipstick sized cylinder would allow for a back up power supply while outside the vehicle. Also, as a amateur photographer, I would need this back up powercore on my person at all times as a means of if I’m in the bush and the camera internal power source is low I could plug the camera into the power core when needed.

However one drawback to this is that The camera would have to be shut down in order for it to be charged. Thus I would miss images along the path or I would have to sit somewhere along this path and allow the powercore to recharge the camera.

As for the Anker car charger… While using the Samsung tablet, we did a comparison with a typical over the counter car charger and the Anker car charger. Driving to and from the outer banks, we found that the tablet was actually being drained by the typical charger. Where as while using the Anker charger, the tablet had plenty of power as the charge ratio was 3 to 1 meaning the tablet would become fully charger in less time and stay charge while traveling.

Both of these items had been given to us by Anker them selves during a couple of giveaways, the over all aspect of this is if we had the chance to buy these products just for what we’ve mentioned above, we would. The overall outcome of this long weekend drive to and from the outer banks was that Anker products can sustain anything we throw at it. maintaining a constant charge for more than 10 hours.

Although Anker personal and ourselves have different view points and perspective of these products, We’re pleased with the outcome of both of these devices. Would we be interested in something different in the future of Anker… Only time will tell and as long as these two devices keep doing what they’ve been designed to do in the first place.


Awesome! Thanks for sharing your story! :thumbsup:

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This is a great topic. Thanks fo sharing! :grin:

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Thanks fellows, but I have a question & product suggestion. if you note in my image above, the USB cord plugs into the charge from the round face. I’m wondering if a more flat or slim line design could be produced so that our cord does not stick out so far… I’d like to have a car charge that plugs in to the light or 12v power port, yet be angled to one side as to create more of a flush appearance.

Nice story! Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks for sharing. I wanting to do a similar setup for my Subaru Overland project I;m about to start on.

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Pointers: The tablet set up is designed for the navigator and not the driver. So it’s not very useful for solo drivers. However, the offline maps & navigation app does have heads up display and voice navigation. But I prefer the wife riding shotgun. We tend to drive without any set direction and avoid major highways. Often the navigator would say, “I wonder what these dots mean” which ends up being an old logging road.

I noticed your comments within the bucket list, I’ve never had the desire to do the MOAB thing as we tend to create our own trails where ever we travel.

Otherwise safe travels and be prepared.

BTW: Here is the total cost of the above set up.
Samsung Tab A: 49.95 (clearance)
Offline Maps & Navigation app: via Google Play: Freebie
USB Cable: Free
Anker PowerCore: Freebie/Contest
Anker Car Charger: Freebie

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I tend to make our own trails in the Subaru Forester. My wife and I did some overlanding in Mississippi out near the bayous along the Mississippi near port Gibson. Some of those old dirt roads were old pioneer trails and blazed decades before the Civil War. All were rough and only maintained by the locals. We ended up using Offline maps and way points along way to stop abandoned churches that could only be reached by SUV with all-terrain tires and all wheel drive/4 drive vehicles. This trip inspired my brother and his Jeep club to do a similar trip to Moab and run the ORV parks and then create their own trails traveling abandoned logging and mining trails. I am going as the navigator, group photographer and backup driver.

I will riding in my brother’s rig. The below pics I took them last April at the Hot Spring OVR Park

or I will be riding with my buddy and his family.


Whenever their Jeep club has a major OVR Park Meet or an Overland Ride I usually get invited to photograph the event and sell my work the members of the group.

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You’re defiantly on the right trail as a photographer for those types of events. However, you’re way over our heads with those types of trails as we’re unable to attempt them any longer. With the both of us having back and shoulder problems, we tend to search for softer roads or mild trails.

I believe the hardest trial we’ve done as of late, was the new river gorge West Virginia. Otherwise, we drive a “pavement princess” So we would not fit in with your kind of offroad people, unless someone wishes to hire us as a spotters or photographers, which would have to wait until the new camera has been acquired.

Follow Up To The Above Topic:

Although I’ve spoke about the Tablet & Anker products, there’s one other thing we never leave home without, Our smart phones as both of these have an app which again we use the Anker products to keep well charged. Zello is a Walkie Talkie app which allows those on your contact list to connect to each other, instantly.

Screen shot of the Zello App One touch and you’re instantly connected.

As long as one has a stable connection to their service, Zello can connect to anyone on your list instantly. In the several years we’ve used Zello, we’ve never had an issue speaking to anyone on our list no matter how far away they live from us.

Hey guys, once I’ve tried to have a trip with Anker. It was really unusual. Me with my friend was in a similar situation that was with Amplighter. Except the thing that I was scared of foreign country (I was in Costa-rica) . So then I’ve started to look some sites that could help me with that fear. I found that gaved me some confidence about that. By the way thanks for my friend too.