Travel pouch Drawstrings came apart on PowerCore II Slim 10000

So I took my brand new PowerCore II Slim 10000 in it’s included travel pouch out with me while I was holiday shopping today and it worked great! Much lighter than my heavy duty Anker battery that is like carrying a brick around in my bag. I love the travel pouch too, EXCEPT that when I got home and opened the pouch, one of the blue drawstrings slide right out of it.

One end of the blue string, came out of the little black plastic piece that keeps it connected as a loop and so it slide right out of the mouth of the pouch. I really love the travel pouch, I think it is very nice and helps to keep the charger clean and I can put a short anker lightning cord with it. Does anyone have any ideas how I can thread the string back through the mouth of the pouch? It seems a lot harder than when the cord comes out of your hood on a hoodie. Has anyone else had this happen? I bought this thing a month ago and today was my first time taking it out in the wild so I am a bit disappointed. At least the battery itself is great.

Maybe they will be kind enough to send you another one

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I sent an email to customer support, asking for advice. Will let you all know if I get a response.

Great, good luck man

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Maybe attach the end of the rope to a skewer or knitting needle and thread it back in?
There’s loads of after market clips like those which you find on eBay.
This happened to a torch pouch I had and after threading through I just tied a knot.

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It happened to me too. The first time I carried it in my pocket the plastic end cap came off, but it didn’t pull out of the bag. Reattaching the end was easy. I agree with the former answer. A crochet hook or wire coat hanger could get the job done. Sometimes it’s easier to pull a thread through first, then you can tie that to the string and pull it through second.