Travel adapter

I’d like to see anker make a decent travel adapter that has a standard wall outlet and also USB ports with quick charge capability.

one that isn’t too bulky and all the pins are stored inside itself when not used would be best or I’d be forever worrying that the pins would crack a screen that it is shoved against when travelling. If they could make the UK plug fold flat like the mu charging systems that would be great, the mu stuff is handy but it’s very expensive for something that just has one full speed usb port.

Why not just stick a travel adapter onto a PowerPort?

Though I agree there needs to be multiple quick charge ports on these.

Wrap sharp objects inside clothes, it takes the least bulk.

I use USA Powerport 2 and add the country adapter which are small, and the Powerport5 with the cord for the country.

I’ve only got one Powerport that is fixed to my wall so will have to get myself another one. I’ve seen other companies make the travel adaptors that you can pick up in airports but they lack any quick charging capability.

The densest for small packing is get the Powerport5 for your needs, there are QC ones. It comes with a long cord to which you attach the country adapter. As a spare carry a Powerport2 which can use the same country adapter or carry a spare adapter.

Another method is use a long mains cable and Powerport2 or Powerport4. USA extendsion cables usually have 3 ports and then one county adapter