Tracking a power draw prize

I understand that Amazon handles the shipping of the power draw prizes and they usually arrive within 30 days after the email form is filled out and submitted however they don’t provide shipping info. Is there any way to track the shipment

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Your best bet is to ask anker if then can provide tracking. Sometimes I will get a tracking email and other times you don’t, all depends on who processes it


True, as @tank said, if you think it took too much time, DM Anker. They will help you.
Stock levels and shipping restrictions cause delay some times.


Weird, on every single item I have won they always provide shipping info. But like everyone else is saying, just shoot them a message :thumbsup:


I haven’t got a tracking email even though amazon is doing it

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In the past, I’ve received a tracking email directly from Amazon (not Anker), usually a day or two after the item ships.


If you are in US you can signup for USPS informed delivery. Most of Anker powerdraw prizes come through them. You will get the notification even if anker or amazon fail to provide you tracking.

Mine is coming tommrow :blush:

Lucky you, I am still waiting on mine…

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Me too @Ice1
… That’s why I posted this thread

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Did you type in your shipping address correctly?

I thought I did. According to the email, I should receive my gift by the end of this month. If I haven’t received it by June 3rd, I’ll do another user suggested and contact Anker Support or Anker Marketing.

Good news from me… my product has been shipped, expecting delivery today…
As somebody was saying, it is fulfilled by Amazon.

nice mine is out for delivery :slight_smile:


Hey @Ice1 , @Alex_Honnor, and @TechnicallyWell, I just received an email like the 1 @Ice1 posted informing me that my prize has shipped and should. Arrive by this Tuesday… :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:


Congrats @cmbush, sit tight and relax…