Top of the line Nebula Projector

Not that I will buy it but it’d be cool for @AnkerOfficial to release a top of the line projector:

Nebula Omega/Supernova (either one of those names seem very premium)
6K image quality (if not possible, 4K)
2,000 ANSI lumens
200” screen size
5x12w speakers
Android TV 10.0
$2,799.99 price point


Does anything like that exist from somewhere else?

I don’t know if current technology is capable.

Projectors suffer from bleed inherently in the physics meaning high resolution and large display is fighting the laws of this Universe. Diffraction grows with distance and is function of wavelength so the further out the more the colours blur. As diffraction is impossible to go away, projectors have an inherent upper quality limit.

What I don’t know is how near we are to the limits of physics.

Hey there @Dirty_Dan
Why not 8k.
And with an image that size i would expect the person to have a decent home cinema system, not 2 x 12w speakers :man_shrugging:t2:

If it’s not possible, 4K.

There are actually a few 8ks that exist with a high price point.

Cool, as projectors? Don’t link to one necessarily given this is an Anker forum, I’m just curious if it’s technically viable.

@Dirty_Dan if it existed would you buy it at that price?

Hell no! It’d be an interesting turn for Nebula though.

So you’re advocacy is to not make it as you’d not actually buy it?

Why a projector? Any image based on reflection necessarily has to be inferior because you’ve increased the distance and added a surface.

The portability is the key difference you can move it and pack of away which necessarily means lower quality.

Someone in real life yesterday asked my advice on getting a projector for a Xmas or present. I had to explain either spend a lot of money or disappointment, and someone else moved from a projector to a LCD screen because they were fed up with having to draw the curtains. In both situations the outcome was to a used LCD panel, a 45" for < $100