Top holiday accessories according to CNN

Congrats Anker, you scored 2 of this years top iphone accessories according to cnn (although taking the Aukey power bank over the Anker version is suspect)


Congrats, @AnkerOfficial!

Wish they would have selected products that were released this year.

Great on Anker… But I get why they chose the aukey power bank over Ankers., Aukey Portable charger has a Lightning port. All of us here are always talking about carrying the least amount if cables so if you have an iPhone wouldn’t you want a batterypack that can be charged and discharged with just the cable your phone comes wirh


A lot of people I know that are using the newer iphones are going to wireless charging, which essentially gives them a micro usb charger that is connected to their wireless pad. A powerwave 7.5 with QC 3.0 and its corresponding charger/micro-usb would charge up 20000 mAH much faster than a lightning cable input, so I would go for charge speed over the port.

Congratulations, Anker!

Wow¡¡! :heart_eyes: congratulations ANKER!!!

Surprised that Anker’s portable chargers weren’t on the list. I never go anywhere without one of my powercores!