Top 3 Anker devices for traveling?

Ok Anker community, here’s a question for you. I know it’s been asked in the past, but I know some new technology and products have come out in the past year.

What are your Anker essentials for traveling? I’m thinking the top three devices that you take with you for a week trip. Flying on a plane, driving a rental car, and of course surviving the dreaded hotel rooms. What devices make your trips enjoyable and if you forget said device, can turn your trip into a nightmare?


Well I currently only own 2 products so would take both of them. They are Anker SoundBuds Slim and Soundcore Life 2. I would definitely take both of them regardless of mode of travel. Life 2 would be great for flights and maybe when I’m resting in hotel while SoundBuds Slim would be for car ride or when taking a walk somewhere. Not having them would make it inconvenient but won’t turn the trip into a nightmare.

I do own a non-Anker portable charger that I would take as well.


So it depends on the trip but the top ones are usually:

  • Anker soundbuds, either the Life or the Slim+ for consuming media on flight, airport, talking with Uber drivers, etc.
  • Anker Powercore. I need about 15Ah and about 2 ports so usually is a Slim 5000 and a 10000.
  • Anker Powerport. Depends on my gadgets but something like the Powerport 4.
  • Anker Powerline as reliable. Usually a short + medium + long.

You said 3 but really you can’t get by with less than 4.


A simple business trip, with air travel, Uber travel and hotel stay.

I’d bring my:

Soundcore Life NC
PowerFusion 5k
Powerline USB (would need a USB micro and a USB C


ah well, if I could only need a phone, I’d do the same.


Assuming cables don’t count. My USB C Wall Charger, Anker Premium 60W 5-Port Desktop Charger with One 30W Power Delivery, Anker PowerCore+ 26800 PD, and Anker soundbuds slim are always with me on my travels.


Decent charger
Long lead
Decent powerbank

Try to get change out of 50 for the lot.

That would be my idea.

If you’re not wanting to do a disco buy just listen to music in your room (apart from the music channel) just play on your handset.

A nice wireless charge speaker, would be great … Or THE WAKEY, but others out there do similar without the clock face. Adding anything like this would involve, space n weight, plus an additional lead, and obvs a 2 output charger.


When I travel, I usually bring:

  • SoundCore Life 2 - to drown out the plane noise
  • PowerPort 5 - to charge all my gadgets, and the long cord is usual for awkward outlet placement at hotels
  • SoundCore Mini - for listening to music in the hotel room and for playing my white noise app at night
  • PowerCore Slim 5000 - for charging my phone throughout the day

For my travels I take all sorts of electronics… this is because there usually is no WiFi and sometimes even power. In my computer bag I have;

  1. Dell Inspirion Gaming laptop
  2. iPad Air 2 (loaded with netflix & Amazon Prime Shows)
  3. PowerCore 26800+
  4. Anker Lightning cable
  5. 2 Anker Micro USB cables
  6. PowerPort Speed 4
  7. Anker Wireless 10W pad
  8. Galaxy Watch charger
  9. JBL Flip 4
  10. HDMI cable

So thats just my top ten… still have other items not mentioned. All of this is carried in an Osprey Porter 46


My usual trio of devices for holiday’s or short breaks are;

  • SoundCore Life
  • PowerCore II 10000
  • 24w USB Wall Charger

A Flare, a 5 plug charger and the cables needed.
Not all ANKER’s because some old ipods and an Ipad need to be charged.


I’m planning a hiking trip in the Canadian Rockies in July when we visit my wife’s family. For our flight I would split my Anker gear between my wife and myself

For me,

  • Soundcore Space NC for noise cancellation, watching movies and listening to music during the flight and long layover.

  • Soundcore Spirit X stored in the Space NC case for back ups and wandering around the airport terminal and listen to music and audio for those times I want to go for run or wandering around town exploring

  • PowerCore+ 20100 USB-C to keep my devices including my camera gear charged up

  • PowerPort Elite 2 with Anker Micro-USB and USB-C cables to charge my devices. I think I will purchase a PowerPort PD 2 so I can take advantage of PD charging on my Note 8

For my Wife

  • Soundcore Life for using on the flight and at the airport

  • Soundcore Spirits for everything else and will be kept in the Life case

  • PowerCore 5000 When she’s not using my big charger and for both us to use if needed during our hikes.

  • Anker Lighting and Micro-USB cables to charge her devices

As for the top 3 items I generally do not count the earbuds since they are stored with my over-the-ears and take almost no room during our travels.


Outside of winter I can travel with all I need in a 16L daysack for indefinate period. If visiting a cool damp place I can’t get by with less than 30L.

I hold my head in shame I was once proudly fitting in a 40L bag.


Wow! When I go hiking I take a Kelty Coyote 80L. I am basically carrying around 40 pounds to include about 5 liters of water. I carry a tent, sleeping bag, cooking essentials, a change of clothes, and other much needed items (for my comfort). My respects to you for going minimalist! Compared to you I am basically glamping!


Looks like I’m gonna need to pick up a pair of these :grin:. Everyone seems to have them :joy:

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*Soundcore Vortex headphones–they’re not noise canceling, but they do filter out a good amount of airplane noise
*PowerPort Elite 2 wall charger–have to charge the phone and headphones at some point
*PowerCore 10400–good for if/when I need a charge while on-the-go, but minus the heft of a larger capacity charger (I also have a 21000 and 5000).

Of course I’d have to bring a micro-USB cable to charge the headphones & PowerCore, and a Lightning for my phone.

If I’m camping then I have a GoLite Pinnacle 70L, if i’m hiking between guest houses then 30L is ample.

It does not require many years of experience to go minimalist, but its not discomfort, just “if I didn’t use it last time don’t take it again”, repeat repeat til you find you needed something you don’t have. I have a Tarptent Notch for hiking-camping and the Tarptent Protrail for bike-camping with a custom carbon fiber pole I had made to keep it all as small and light as possible. I’m pretty much decided to stop taking a camp stove, just energy bars.

Phones and Anker Powercores and Powerport are so good now you can have an entire set of box sets in your phone for hours in the tent on rainy days and the odd pub lunch and their power sockets to recharge everything.

I tried solar twice this last year, won’t do it again, just more Powercore is simpler, smaller, more reliable (as weather can vary but can control how often you pass civilisation and ration your phone use accordingly). I even shrunk from carrying a map to just downloaded offline maps. Last two camping trips.


I have been adding to my Anker collection - and they travel with me every camping trip I go on.

I ALWAYS have an Anker power bank. I was always a techie / gear head and from the beginning, Anker products stood out to me. I have never had an issue with their products - and if I did, they were nice enough to help me out.

ALL of my charging cables at my house are from Anker. Once again, I trust them! I used to work at the Apple store and I was always amazed how many people came in for replacement cables! Then I realized I used Anker and never have had a broken cable.

Lastly, I like camping. More recently I picked up an Anker rechargeable flashlight. Love it. Super bright, small, rechargeable and clips onto my pants. It’s perfect and doesn’t really make my pack out any heavier.

Anker has reliable products - end of story!


I have almost pulled trigger on a faster recharging device. While 10Ah is about-right for 2-3 days of gadget use, my Powercore 10000 takes 8 hours to recharge, I’d like something which recharge faster, but they either I end up having to take a bigger charger or pay a lot $.

So still on the lookout.

Yes I also carry one of the newer LC40 rechargeable flashlights.

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For travel, probably a Soundcore Flare speaker, Anker Powerline II 3-in-1 Cable and Anker PowerCore Fusion. But the PoweCore Fusion needs a refresh with USB-C Power Delivery and PowerIQ 2.0.

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