Too many notifications!

I really wanted to like this product, but I actually HATE it. I bought my floodlight camera from Home Depot on December 2, 2019 and wish I would have returned it the day after I installed it. I really wish I could return it, but now I’m afraid it’s impossible since it’s been past 30 days and I don’t have the box anymore. Here’s why I am very unsatisfied with this product. There is no human detection like so many other cameras on the market so you get a notification EVERY SINGLE TIME A LEAF BLOWS IN THE WIND. The activity zones are an absolute joke and do not work at all. Just search through these forums and you’ll find several other customers complaining about this supposed feature. For some ridiculous reason the camera will record everything, BUT an actual human walking up our front sidewalk to the front door. I’ve had several Amazon deliveries over the past few days and none of them have recorded the driver walking up to the front door to deliver the package. Yet 1 minute later it’ll record and send a notification of leaves blowing around. Amazon takes a picture and notifies you that the package was delivered so I knew they had to walk to the front door. This is completely unacceptable for a “security” camera. I would really like to get my money back for this product and will continue to let any potential customers know that this product was not ready to be sold as a security camera. If I have anything good to say about it at all it’s going to be the local storage feature (although very limited) and no subscription service. Otherwise I CANNOT recommend this product to anyone.

Maybe you can restrict the notifications you get on your device

You can, but then how would I ever know if there’s an actual event happening? There’s also the option to turn off motion detection on the camera itself so you don’t receive notifications, but then it’s literally just a dumb floodlight. I purchased this to be a smart device that detects actual people or animals, not a text messenger for the wind.

Hi @Mattlantonio,

So sorry to learn about this issue with your Floodlight device.

In some cases, if the motion sensor’s sensitivity is set too high, the camera will detect events outside of your property, resulting in excessive false alerts. To avoid this, you should lower the sensitivity level by standing at the desired detection boundary and trying out the sensitivity according to the sensitivity setup guide.

You can set the Activity Zone to filter some of the false alerts.

Try to adjust the camera installation downtilt to a bigger value or try to avoid falsely triggered objects.

If the issue still persists, please contact us, we will have our product specialist to look into this case for you.

@AnkerSupport, I just posted a similar issue. I also emailed customer support. Something is not working right with the Activity Zone settings. My camera is not as bad as the OP above, it does not trigger on leaves or stuff like that but it triggers at night from cars passing by although they are way out from the activity zone. Also, the sensitivity is set to 2nd lowest as lowest detects very little.

My Issue:

If you are still getting detection after setting your sensitivity, I am wondering if your light my be set up on the wrong area of the house where it may be catching other areas that you do not want such as other cars or etc.

If I lower the sensitivity it never records anyone walking up to my front door. This is in a pretty small area so there’s no reason it shouldn’t be recording. The whole point of this is to monitor the small section in my front yard and see who walks up the sidewalk to the front door (see screenshot). As mentioned I lowered the sensitivity, adjusted the angle of the camera, set up activity zones, but nothing has helped. I literally bought a $200 floodlight. Very disappointed in this product.

Maybe they push am update to fix the sensitivity zone

Update: Today was a windy day so here is a screenshot of the recordings as of 2:17pm. I get a notification for every one of these. Oh and I had a friend come over to take out the dog in the middle of the day and this ridiculous camera never even recorded her walking up to the front door or leaving. However, it sure does a great job of recording the bushes blowing in the wind. What a waste of $200!