Too many Apps

Just a thought. I love all the stuff from Anker/Eufy/Roav/Nebula/Zolo. I love the perks of being a reviewer and power user, tester and consumer.

I noticed I have way too many apps on my phone for all my Anker products. Apps for car chargers, dash cameras, speakers, projectors etc

Would it be possible for Anker to make one main app for each subdivision of Anker and have functions for devices?

For example, perhaps I’m in my car, so I know its Roav, open my Roav app and select which Roav device i want to interact with. Right now I have 3 or 4 Roav apps on my phone…

Same for Eufy/Zolo home devices.

Does that make sense?


This actually isn’t a bad idea. Kinda like a central app location where you can activate the apps you need for the product you have.

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You should only need 1 app, with sub menu’s for the different brands.

Suppose it depends on what the app is doing but definitely a good idea.


Like the idea of one singular app for everything but can see why they have been split.

Firstly you probably have different teams running each app creation, secondly, having them all in one app could end being not only a huge app (data wise) but a waste of storage space for those who will only need to use a single section of the app…


You have a good point! I keep an old iPhone for testing purposes as it seems every device requires its own app. I try to keep the apps to a minimum on my daily driver iPhone so I don’t need to deal with all of the updates.

This is a problem these days usually with everything.

Companies usually trying to make their products proprietary with their own apps is a bit annoying.

But back to topic, samsung actually recently made their smart hub things into one app because they had the exact problem you are describing with anker. It is definitely a possibility. I see it as a matter of when. Its gotta happen eventually…with anker creating and expanding every day

This is a great idea. But if one side of the app is buggy, it would affect the others…hence useless. It would be nice to have just one general app though. So far, I have 2 Anker apps on my iPhone. It is a bit inconvenient but I’m glad that they are separate.

This is a great idea but if not you could just create a folder to store all the Anker apps like I do for Google apps


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Having one app for all their products would be great but I think they have a team of developers and engineer for each project. If this is the case then it can be difficult for the groups to work together. All groups would need to know everything about each product to have a successful app.

But I would think having one app for each brand name would be an easier option. I hate having so many apps. I use a lot of Google Products and I HATE having so many apps from the same vendor.

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Your a genius. That’s so smart
Great idea: :thumbsup::thumbsup::raised_hands::raised_hands::clap::sunglasses:

One of the ways I use my phone is to type the first few letters into search and choose from the apps that pop up. I have way too many apps and sub folders to navigate, especially while in the car.

By creating a singular app per subdivision, I could almost guarantee prime real estate placement on the home screen of my phone, rather than buried in the muck with the rest of random apps

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