Today's topic | What is on your travel bucket list?

Hi Anker Fans,

One of my goals for 2018 was to create a travel bucket list, but I’ve still not finished compiling it, let alone get started on it! So far, my goals are:

  • Visit the Great Wall of China (I live in China and I still haven’t visited it which is quite embarrassing!)
  • Go skydiving in Australia
  • Eat at least 5 of these Instagram worthy desserts in New York City (after taking a photo first!)

2018 is nearly over and I still haven’t finished writing my travel bucket list, so I need your help! Share your ideas in the comments down below.:stuck_out_tongue:


Recently took my new Google Pixel and Anker cables to Glacier National Park in Montana, Absolutely breathtaking and would recommend. Going to the Sun rd. Anyone who has been there knows what I mean!


I want to visit Angel Falls in Venezuela, because ever since I saw the move UP and then I looked it up and was amazed by it. It’s the largest uninterrupted waterfall in the world

Another waterfall I want to go see is also in south America
The Iguaza falls


A 2 month trip/road trip around America.

See some internet friends I’ve known for almost 30 years, and 1 Canadian I’ve known 10yrs.
If not all of them, would Def have to visit one of them. Have joked many times of popping over to see. lol

Might be take for some, but would love a route 66 (or similar) trip in a RV with a driver/tour host. Want to do some of the USUAL stuff, but also see n do stuff only locals know.

Love to see a rodeo, live to do a 2 day/1 week horse trail (not sure how back will cope), would get moist at thought of a few days on a bike‽

And would HAVE to do Hawaii


Ha! I’ve been to the great wall!

I really want to go to Egypt to see the great pyramids!


We were just coming back from a 5 week trip to the Acores islands.

And because as retirees we have a lot of leisure time, :grin:
we have already booked the flight to Madeira at the beginning of November.
2 weeks only! :wink:

We take always some of our ANKER equipment with us of course:
FLARE, charger, cables and torch. Well equipped as usual. :grin:


" As cataratas de Iquazu" are great.
Have been there a long time ago.

Nowadays those long distance flights are not so comfortable for us. :sweat:


My next holiday (not booked yet) will be to see the northern lights :slight_smile:

Wouldn’t mind down Route 66 on a bike, also if money was no object I’d love to have a massive RV and do a European road trip


Wow wow wow, why don’t you share some breathtaking photos with us? :heart_eyes:


That makes me jealous haha just joking. :joy: Have fun and don’t forget to share some trip stories and photos with us. And of course stay Power On. :sunglasses:


I have quite a long list. Mainly hiking trail in several places…


Although the wife calls it a “Bucket List” we do not have any set direction or so called list. We’re simply making this up as we go along.Matter of fact we’re in the planing stages for another cross country trip in 2019. So I’ll be putting together a new camera outfit just for this occasion and of course making sure all of the Anker products are functioning correctly.

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  • I’d like to see as many National Parks as possible. My parents took us to several when my brother and I were kids, but I didn’t appreciate them back then.
  • Would love to travel through Europe, in particular Scotland, Italy, Denmark/Norway/Sweden. Nothing against the other nations, those are just the ones at the top of my list.
  • Goes without saying that Africa is on the list
  • The Disney Parks in Japan and China, as well as traveling around both countries.
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This year I visited the Iguazu Falls, the Brazilian side and the Argentine side, each one is very different, don´t miss it, it’s incredible!!! :heart_eyes:


Last year I went to Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil. This year I went to the Triple Frontier of Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina.
My plans for the next trip is to know another Latin American country


I have a large list. Last year my wife took a girls week trip to Bora Boa and loved it. We made a deal that I could do my bucket list road trip by myself or with other photogs. This trip is to either travel the back roads of New Mexico or go up into Kansas and the Dakotas and explore the ghost towns and rural farming communities.

  1. road trip bucket list - The plan is head North from Dallas and go up into the Canada plains. We will visit ghost towns, abandoned landmarks along the way. Camp out under the stars or stay in hotels. Once in Canada, we will cut west across the plains and head south through the desert states take back roads photograph old mining towns and ghost towns a long the way. Eventually will make our way back to Dallas. This trip should take about 2 weeks to complete.

  2. Jeep Trip. Travel to Moab, check out the offroad parks on the way. Spend a week in Moab at the offroad park then travel south through the desert mining roads (need heavy duty off road rigs for these roads) then hit up the off the offroad parks in Colorado before heading home.

Bucket List places, Greenland, Iceland, Ireland, Scottland, Italy, Rome, Turkey, Jerusalem, Egypt, Patagonia, Maldives, Thailand, and South America.


Here’s something that might help others find all of those North American National Parks:


That is so cool, I remember you posted a picture of them before which made me look into it. Not to mention my best friend and her hubby just went there over the summer. So I know it’s amazing and I really wanna go


Lunch on the Moon.

Visit Alpha Centauri

Oh and I really want to see Betelgeuse up close.

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