Today's Best Deals | Up to 39% OFF Our Best-Selling Charging Tech

Email dropped earlier for
Up to 39% off!


Great job @paulstevenewing

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Hey @ikari04warrior
Not sure why I always get offers for the US, I could do with those for the UK!

Thanks for sharing!

Already posted :grin:


Would have been good to have UK deals for these items for UK folks

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Ah, nice one.
I did a search for “today’s best deals” and couldn’t find anything.
Double exposure for Anker :+1:t2:

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Deals should reach everyone👍

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Yea that’s weird lol

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Great deals and get to see double the times… :rofl:

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No one posts the links anymore :sob:

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Tried to test posting links from the email, but it doesn’t seem to work as I’d hoped.

Here’s how it comes out;

No it’s not working. I posted all the links in the original thread that Shenoy made…

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Never never post links directly … they are targeted emails and have your emails linked

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I have posted links almost 99.99% of times … One off cases can be excused :joy:

On contraire. Now we are used to you posting links, and we expect it- so you must :joy:

awesome deals!