Today's Apple iPhone 11 Keynote

Anyone following Apple’s keynote today? :apple:

I’m looking forward to the new phone (no matter how lenses it may have), but as someone who is constantly losing things, I’m also excited to see what Apple’s Tile competitor might be!


Will you buy iPhone 11?:money_mouth_face:


I will probably upgrade this year, although my iPhone X is still going strong!

Based on what I read over at MacRumors this morning it looks like the iPhone update it going to be kinda lacklustre again with only a few small updates…but no doubt for the same or a higher cost…

They had one on BBC news this morning that Apple sales are dwindling due to less innovation…partly agree but I think cost is still a major factor :raised_hands:

Will still give the keynote a watch never the less :grin:

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The upgrade is mediocre, and it’s with reason because Apple is rumored to be doing a major redesign next year. Which is probably going to be worth waiting for as the cost will be reduced and it will be more inovative

I’ll be watching the keynote- hopefully.

I always watch the Apple keynote and the Samsung thing.

Have seen a round-up of possible announcements on so many sites now that I guess the invited reporters and tech journalists at the event may give Cook cues on which one to start with !! :rofl:

Keep a watch on the line “This is the best iPhone Apple has ever made”, “Amazing”, “Fantastic” … and eye candy words.

There is no more ’ one last thing’ … Just incremental upgrades – Really hope Apple makes new innovative designs and products.

PS- I won’t upgrade to any device from this event unless Anker makes one more events and gives them away and I am the winner this time :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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CNET link for possible announcements

We may lose the beloved 3D touch

Ehh, I don’t care for 3D Touch anyway.

There are lot of users who use it daily for lot of actions, it’s useful

I will miss it, too!

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Most of those are replaced by tap and hold in iOS 13, so it doesn’t matter.

True, but there was something satisfying about the tactile feedback of 3D touch. :smile:


Tap and hold gives the same feedback

I’m a sucker for the Apple Keynote. I really used to love the Steve Jobs ones. I think things changed much faster and with the introduction of the iPad and iPhone it was just amazing.

I will watch today’s keynote later on though when it’s put online. I’ve not been following the rumours so not sure what’s coming apart from 3 camera’s.

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Anyone interested in watching this event Live – here is the Youtube Live Stream Link - starts @ 10 am Pacific


@AnkerOfficial twitter and instagram ( and may be others) are very quite / no buzz about the Apple Event, considering lot of Anker Products work with Apple devices

or may be after the event we will see some new offers :wink:

I’d like to vote for an official Anker phone! :raising_hand_woman:

Come on Tim Apple, you can do better