Today life! can't live without Anker

In our daily lives and in the age of technology, it is difficult to be live without “Power Source”. We need for additional supportive for power source such as “Anker.” Giant Company, Specialized, and great productions.
So what about you? Can you live without it!

Having a backup battery/power supply is a necessity these days.

IMO there are hundreds of companies like Anker out there making power banks. A new and rising one to watch for is Lumsing.

I think 1st and foremost for today is a smartphone which has long battery life and ideally a removable battery because it is far far lighter and faster to replace an internal battery than to recharge an internal battery from external. You’re talking literally 1/5th the size.

2nd is then to augment that with external batteries. That external battery then needs a cable.

Then finally a small fast mains charger, dual socket is preferred to charge your mobile and your battery.

Then above that is just size of external battery and if you have tablet etc.

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Yes, I’m gonna be honest, I can’t live without my power bank. The battery on my Galaxy S6 sucks, and when I accidentally leave the house without my Anker, I automatically feel the horror!

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I literally just arrived in a foreign country. We brought 5 Anker devices between the two of us. We definitely don’t travel with less than 3 (1 PowerPort and 2 PoweCores). I certainly wouldn’t want to try surviving here without data and power.

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Can’t live without (in descending order):

  • Oxygen (lasts about 3 minutes without)
    Water (lasts about 3 days without)
    Food (lasts about 3 months without)
    Shelter (depending on the climate you can die in minutes/hours/days/weeks/months)
    Human companioship (varies by person)
    Anker is somewhere down the list

There are plenty of things less important than Anker, like say the President of the USA.


Let’s be real. We all can live without an additional supportive power source. But it is so much easier to have an additional power source as well as speakers and charging ports, etc. Anker is very useful in my life, but not a necessity. I still love Anker though!

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Even though there are so many companies producing power banks, anker seem to be the only ones who produce an product that its ergonomically perfect and just easy to hold


I agree that Anker makes good products. “Perfect” ?

I agree they have the grip level about right.

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Does she recharge her battery via USB-2 or USB-C?

I think she recharges it with MicroUSB 3.0. Just because.

( I feel a spiral down so I’ll stop, or try to)

Nice. Good.

Does Trump recharge with an Orange Kevlar cable?

No. Trump uses a wall of USB cables.