To Swim OR Not To Swim

While I wait for summer to hit and the cold air to warm up, I day dream of floating in the pool with some great music and a cocktail in hand. I’m also planning on boosting my daily exercise by swimming laps.

The Soundcore Spirit Headphones (Spirit, Spirit X, and Spirit Pro) all talk a lot of being waterproof and even show a surfer with them on. Has anyone here actually swam with a pair in? If so…

  1. Did it work?
  2. Did it flood your ears with water?
  3. How was the sound quality?
  4. Did they continue to work the same afterwards?


@k_pug2003 wore SPIRIT X, in the shower, and they worked fine afterwards … Search his review.

So if you think they gonna definitely get wet, I’d go for SPIRIT X, as they have the top IP rating IPX7 (highest rating for waterproof).

All of us who tested the X, said at the time… How they stayed in the ears well, and.xoped with sweaty/wet ears perfectly fine, plus they have a good battery duration.

I’d recommend, Soundcore Spirit X


I thought it was you who wore them in the shower :man_shrugging:

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Thanks, Mac! I think I remember seeing that picture. LOL.

The Spirit X looked the best from what I could see. I think the ear pieces would really keep them in place. I just wonder if it’ll cause drag that will eventually pull them out of the ear.

I guess my main question is, can you swim with them?

@AnkerTechnical, care to weigh in on this one? :smiley:

I’d say give it a go and find out.

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I think JerryRigEverything did a lap or two in the pool to test…


I swam with mine when I had the , wish I had the pictures to show. But they have held up with me doing laps and swimming under water… Just bear in mind that the Bluetooth signal doesn’t like transmitting through water so if you go under more than 6 to 7 inches you will lose connection. But it’s great for laps since your always moving on the surface.

Here is my review


I did go to swimming couple of times with the SpiritX headset wearing when I last tested it, there was no noticeable difference on those, all worked well…

Keep in mind that I am no Olympic swimmer, just casual, lazy swim :smile:

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Is it bad that this title made me think of finding Nemo with dory singing just keep swimming just keep swimming and her whole song about it :joy::joy:

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Darn you, now that’s been stuck in my head and everyone at work keeps looking at me funny because I keep repeating it


Sorry but not really sorry​:joy::joy:
There are definitely worse things to have stuck in your head at least this one is motivational


Just keep swimming just keep swimming just keep swimming just keep swimming just keep swimming just keep swimming just keep swimming just keep swimming just keep swimming just keep swimming just keep swimming just keep swimming :blush:


Mine are still working perfectly today although the closest they have gotten to wet since has been a couple of times when I was caught out in the rain :+1:t2:

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So true… water is like Bluetooth’s kryptonite. So while the headphones should hold up in water, the Bluetooth signal likely will not.


…getting exhausted and drowning. :cross:


Thanks for the replies, everyone! I appreciate that a lot.

I added them to my wishlist to watch for any price drops. I wonder how well they’ll connect to the Apple Watch since they’ll be in close proximity of each other in the water.

Also…thanks for the earworm, @Tank.

We will launch some new headphones this year, and will have the best water/sweat resistant function ever!


Sounds good @AnkerTechnical :thumbsup:

Oooo. Then I’ll just plan on waiting for that announcement. :smiley: Thanks for the heads up, @AnkerTechnical!