Tired of buttons on you phone?

Personally I could do without buttons, volume power ect just don’t get rid of the headphone jack🙏


I’m not a huge fan of haptic feedback, well anything not Apple anyways. Doesn’t feel realistic for most phone manufacturers with their vibration motors. If they can get it to the point of Apple’s TouchID or trackpad and make it reliable/responsive then I’m all for it.

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I’ve been living headphone jack-free for a year now, won’t miss it! I already listened to music over Bluetooth before that! At least on my phone. The jack on my tablet is still heavily used.


I feel the same way. I was mainly using Bluetooth headphones before Apple removed the headphone jack, so its removal didn’t really affect me.

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I really miss the headphone jack! I can’t express this enough. I’ve been without a headphone jack on my phone for over a year now when I bought my iPhone 7. I used the dongle for a while and it was fine, but what irritated me is that I couldn’t charge my phone and connect to my cars sound system at the same time. I know people will say that I need a double dongle which is sold on Amazon, but most of those didn’t function after Apple started doing the updates to squash use of 3rd party adapters in favor of their own which are astronomical in price compared to others. I know many new cars will connect to apple devices via USB and Bluetooth now seamlessly, but at this point it’s easier to replace a phone than it is a car. By the way, I’m not a fan of dongles. They get lost, broken, worn out very quickly in the shuffle of life.

For a buttonless phone. All I can say is that software engineers have their work cut out for them. To develop an OS that wont require an old fashion ‘Hard Restart’ to me seems a ‘pipe dream’, but I’m optimistic that someone with enough smarts can create something like LCARSS on star trek that will always work.


Your car has a USB port that doesn’t connect to the sound system? Or are you using a USB adapter on your car’s 12V socket?

It it’s the latter, and you are using your phone to send music to your car’s sound system through auxiliary jacks, you can still achieve this with a Bluetooth adapter for your car. There are even some that do double duty by having both a USB port and the auxiliary cable in the same device.

It’s a kind of philosophy too.
There are many persons who are afraid of any radiation.
The never use WIFI and bt.
So the use wired connections of course.

I still have my old IPOD (no bt) so i stored some wired earphones. :wink:
But of course I use bt connecting my speakers,
this way I am able to carry these around.

Yes indeed!
How a hard restart/reset without any buttons can be made if there are none!:grin:

The sly Apple solution might be to connect the phone with your “master MAC”.
And of course you carry this “master MAC” always around with you! :joy:

You sound like you have mixed feeling about the headphone jack😂

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How about bringing back to good ol removal battery to hard reset. Plus the fact that having a easily replaceable battery is much better for device longevity and the environment. I understand why manufacturers would want 1000 dollar devices that need to be replaced every other year but it is highly irresponsible.

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No mixed feelings! I don’t miss it on my phone, at all. And, since I use the tablet in a very different way, I don’t mind it still having the headphone jack.

The future is wireless. They just have to sand a few edges first:

  • Better management of the same speaker/headphone used with several devices - today, sometimes it works without a glitch, others we have to manually delete the speaker/headphone from every other device but the one you will use right now
  • Sources should be able to send to multiple Bluetooth receivers - like one single phone/tablet/streaming device sending audio to multiple speakers/headphones at once. If only to watch movies/series with my wife in the living room without fear of waking up the baby, both of us using Bluetooth headphones

That’s about it!

I see your point I just think having one is just more convenient and the only reasons they eliminated it is to maximize profits and minimal battery gains.

I totally agree that the future is Wireless I just don’t think we’re there yet.

The past is also Wireless but that technology was suppress again so companies could maximize profits

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I like the buttons on my phone. I have no issues with them

I actually like the buttons on my phone. One thing I don’t like is when I put a new case on, it pushes the button down or to the side. Always afraid it will break it. I do hate that they got rid of the headphone jack. Pushes you to get the bluetooth headphones, in a way its cool because it is less cables, but that means charging them all the time.

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