Tip: Get Notified of Emails Faster on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch (GMAIL ONLY)

If you are using a Gmail account on your iOS device, and would like to receive quicker notifcations, installing the official Gmail app will help you out! For some reason, Push does not work for Gmail through the stock mail app. After using the Gmail app for a few days, I realized that notifications are so much more reliable, consistent, and timely. It’s a very significant difference. So much so that I ended up disabling notifications for the stock mail app and now Gmail is the only one I get notifications from.

And no, this will not impact battery life. Gmail still isn’t showing up in the battery section under settings.

Now you can get that Anker tracking info even sooner / form to fill out to claim your prize even sooner!

Hope this helps someone!

Note: the only downside is that more things get marked as spam.

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I am skeptical of no added battery drain.

How “push” works is the OS (IOS is a version of Unix) is a daemon which is listening and it registers its IP with the gmail service so when gmail service gets an email it opens up a port to the daemon.

This means you gmail app which displays your emails is not actually burning more CPU, but the system will be burning more as a daemon will fall under system.

You’d have to look at total overall CPU load including system to be sure.

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