Time to charge Powercore 20100

Just received my new Powercore 20100. It showed 50% charge when I first switched it on. Plugged it in to charge up but 3 hours later it still shows 2 lights (50%). Is this OK?

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Please tell us the type of the charger you are charging the pb.
Thank you! :smiley:

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I’m using the lead that came with the product straight into wall power socket

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To clarify, I’m charging the Powercore, not a problem charging something from the Powercore – if that makes sense.


You need a plug that can deliver at a minimum 5v 2a, and it will take roughly 10 hours to charge it fully.
If you can get a plug that outputs 5v 2.5a and then it cuts down the time to around 8/8.5 hours



Thank you very much


As @elmo41683 mentioned, any of Anker’s wall chargers will get you the faster 5V 2A power. If you have an iPad charger, it can be used as it can typically output 5V 2A as well.


The total charge time (from 0 to 100%) should be 8-12 hours, so I wouldn’t be concerned that you haven’t seen another light. I also wanted to add that typically the little cord that comes with these batteries are ok, but using a nicer cord will definitely charge it faster and as other have mentioned a plug that can handle/output 5V/2A (lower output wall chargers like most phone chargers will take a lot longer and aren’t quite as safe) will make it so it can take closer to 6-8 hours total to charge.

Though honestly, the battery lasts forever. I only charge it overnight once every 3-4 days and have no problem charging my phone and tablet during the 4 hours of class I have every day. :smiley:

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Many thanks for your replies – eased my mind