Time for some self-cleaning Headsets from Soundcore!

Have recently seen a website mentioning of headset brand coming out with new Self Cleaning headset

When will Soundcore launch headsets capable of cleaning themselves?

What are your thoughts on self cleaning headsets…


Better to clean the ears:




I totally agree :wink:

LG is not a new headset brand, so what brand is it your talking about seeing?

should have worded it properly… fixed it now

Doubt a true self cleaning headset will surface anytime soon and if it did could you imagine the case size? Just look at electric razor cleaning bases…


I’m fine with 1-2 minutes of alcohol and cue tip downtime and I’m good to go again :wink:

@Chiquinho While keeping the ears clean is good, you do need a certain amount of wax to provide protection against bacteria, water and bugs (insects) :wink:

I know.
You should use those Q-tipps not so often and if take a good quality.

There are cheap ones on the market which may loose the cotton top in the ear.
If so you need a patient helper and a special tweezer to pull it out. :grinning:

Ok gotcha, had me confused thinking u missed something. I went back and read the article 3 or 4 times scratching my head.