Tilt and pan camera talks every ~4 hours

Hey there from germany :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ve got some sort of weird problem with my tilt and pan camera.

For some reason she says something that sounds like “talk” or “call” every ~4 hours. Mostly noticed at 9:29pm and 11:28pm, but my wife said the camera did the same at 3:28am, so exact 4 hours later… the support never heard of that kind of problem… so I thought maybe the camera is damaged. So ordered a new one and, surprise, the same problem appears again with the new camera. So I’m kinda confused now, also I don’t find anyone with the same problem on the internet.

Do u guys maybe have an idea what this could be? I turned off every notification etc.

Thanks in advance, Alex

Hmm never heard of that issue before. Try a reset, if that doesn’t work then contact support again and explain the issue

Yea the support doesn’t know that problem too… and like I wrote I already bought a second Camera wich has the same issue…

Tough luck man, what are you gonna do with the cameras?

Idk, keep them actually. I’m happy with it, so I think I have to live with it ^^

Maybe the problem will be gone with the next updates. But I’m in Contact with the support, mayb they find a solution. ^^

I’ll keep u up to date :grin:

Hope they can find a solution :+1:

What an odd scenario @can5
Have you got the app for cameras?
Not sure of it makes a difference but maybe delete the app and re install.
It’s odd 2 separate cameras present the same problem, maybe they are getting some kind of setting sent to them/controlled by the app?