Tiktok livestream giveaway. US. Jan 27th. (closed)

Seem ankerofficial doing a livestream right now. Jan 27th… unsure for how much longer

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Looks to be doing another hour…9 to 10 eastern

I didn’t know they were on TikTok :rofl:

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It has only been recently… they started with a tiktok challenge early on. I would say about 6 months or so

What was the challenge? Did you do it?

I did not. It was like like several months ago. It was a dance challenge. They had a short dance that basically got faster 3 different times.

Basically if selected I think it was a ipad that you could win. I pondered it or thought maybe to make my kids do it LOLOL

Yeah that ipad was a good prize. I don’t really like apple products but I wouldn’t say no to a free iPad lol

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