Thumbnails in EufyCam 2/2c Notifications - Where Are They?

The Eufy Battery Powered Doorbell puts thumbnail photos in the notifications on my phone. The notification can also be long-pressed to instantly get a much enlarged version of the thumbnail. This is extremely useful, because it is so quick.

I cannot find this feature on the EufyCam 2 and 2c units I have. I thought it used to be there before?

How can I enable this on EufyCam 2 and 2c? Or can it please be added to those, to work like the notifications on the Battery Doorbell?

I like the way this feature gives options on the battery doorbell for Most Efficiency/Include Thumbnail/Full Effect. (My favorite is Include Thumbnail)

I like the ability to choose on motion detect whether to jump to the related history event or live view, with Live View being my favorite.


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It was listed as being fixed in a recent update, but yeah, still not working for me either.