Three week later - 5 in 1 USB C Hub


The original review

As we all know the new MacBook’s from Apple only have USB type C ports on them to accommodate for the future. In some cases, this is good as Apple is one of the best leading technology companies that loves to push out new ideas before any other brand. The only down side is though no one has just USB type C connected devises.

This problem is solved with the all new Anker 5 in 1 USB-C Hub. This USB-C hub will let you put all your familiar computer accessories into your new MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. As this USB-C hub only has one input to your computer it is ideal for the smaller MacBook range as they only have one USB type C port, but it is as equally good for the MacBook Pro series as you will be able to plug in more of your own USB-C future accessories!

The Unboxing Process

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Anker never fails when it comes to unboxings their level of detail is amazing from the well-designed fit to the colour design within the box. For the Anker 5-in-1 Hub you will receive a travel pouch that lets you neatly pack your hub away in your bag without it damaging your laptop.


Anker’s New 5-in-1 solution for this problem has arrived! This Hub will let you have two USB 3.0 ports, 1 HDMI port, a full-sized SD card reader as well as a micro SD card reader. This virality of ports is creating a feeling that you are plugging an accessory straight into an older laptop. This is mainly from the quick speeds of the USB 3.0 port that is 10x faster than USB 2.0 and can handle data up to 5120 Mbps. The HDMI port can perform at 4K at 30 Hz which is more than capable for all new smart TV’s. Furthermore, the two SD card readers are universal meaning that they will be able to support any type of full type SD card and also any type of micro SD card.
The single port from the USB Hub is flush with my MacBook Pro 15” and feels well finished to a high standard.
The design of the Hub is simple, having a very thin shell that you will be able to take around places easily.

Final Impressions

Anker never seems to disappoint when it comes down to their products from the unboxing to the 18-month warranty that you get with every product that you buy from Anker.

This product has been ideal for my requirements. I need a HDMI connecter because I connect my laptop to different displays whether it’s a monitor or tv for presentations. The two USB-A 3.0 ports allow me to simultaneously copy data at a high speed and to my surprise, the hub doesn’t heat up when copying large data. Unlike other hubs, that I have had in the past, which tend to heat up. Moreover, being a photographer makes SD/microSD card readers essential. I highly recommend this top-notch product by Anker. The Premium 5-in-1 USB-C Hub provides me with all the ports that are essential for my work in one hub.

Three Week Later review
After owning this product now for more than three weeks it is clear on what Anker thrives on, there Products! Anker never fails on anything, and this robust product from Anker Will never fail me and always be in my bag when I need it. the product build quality is outstanding and this is what and can never fails on with their products.
The daily tasks
I have been using this USB Hub for multiple things, but mainly for projecting onto a display or sending photos and videos through the SD card readers. The SD card readers are fast and have a snug fit to the card which will keep them protected. I have noticed this product does get warm when it has been plugged into my laptop for a long period of time so this is the only down side of buying this product, but otherwise please do!


Nice review and nice pictures! Keep up the great reviewing!

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I think it makes a lot of sense to use the item to be tested a certain while an write the review after.
Well done.


Cheers, I appreciate it

Great review, nice photos.

If there is moderate usage, mostly with display out and SD card, the hub is expected to get a bit warm.


Yes I am well aware, but I needed to come up with a disadvantage

Great review! thanks for sharing!


Thank you for using the product extensively before writing your review. It shows us more about how the product works and how it meets your needs vs someone who just wants a freebie and writes s generic message


Nice review, I like the extensive usage of product before posting the review :thumbsup:

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Nothing wrong with some extended testing before a review (think it should be standard :wink: ) :slight_smile:

Good job and pictures @s.r.brown :thumbsup:

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I think we should all do initial impressions and then like a 2 week review!

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This is a great detailed review! Loved that you followed up after 3 weeks of use

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It depends on the item you are testing.
RoboVacs or cables really need a long term testing.

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Can’t wait for the 1 year review!

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