Three New RoboVac Models Coming Soon: 30C Max, G30, and G35!

Eufy is preparing to release three new robotic vacuums: RoboVac 30C Max, RoboVac G30, and RoboVac G35.

All three now appear on the EufyHome app.




RoboVac G30 and RoboVac G35 will most likely use the smart dynamic navigation system introduced with RoboVac G10.

Stay tuned to the Anker Community as we learn more about each of these upcoming robotic vacuums.

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:sob: are these all here just to confuse us?


Eufy. Cleaning up the world one RoboVac at a time. Or three.


Why yes, yes they want to corner the market in every way possible and to leave us all confused as to tge naming schemes. Just buy whichever works for your buget as it seems the plan to cover all aspects of the market with varying prices and features


Thanks for the insider updates @Insider :slight_smile:

If you cannot convince, then confuse :smile: :wink:


Nice! My old dumb model 11 is still bumping its way to keeping our house clean.


As i can read and understand correctly, eufy finally found out that the competitors are miles ahead?!

Smart navigation by gyroscope or laser technology, included by really good working app-mapping, including many smart options like defining no-go areas right into the created and exact map (no more annyoing magnetic tapes or light barriers) and also multi-floors mapping, is already “standard” even in the low budget vacuum cleaning robots sector about 150-250 €, since over a year already!

I am very involved and informed about this sector and vacuum cleaners, as i am very interested in some vaccum robots soon and i would like to see eufy finally catching up to the competitors as the current RoboVacs from eufy are not at all competitive at all, especially not at the currently called prices.

Sorry, just my subjective meaning as i see what you get for much less money from others.

So i really really hope to see some catching up RoboVacs now, with the G-series (where i guess G stands for gyroscope navigation and mapping) so maybe also a eufy vaccum robot would be interesting for me, can’t wait for more infos about the new series!

And as hint for all who understand german and want to know what is up to date on the market and what you can get for just around 150-250€ already (near to perfect vacuum cleaner with all comfort and features like the 1000€ robos 1 year ago, smart mapping, smart navigation by gyroscope or even laser, multi-floor mapping, removable dust container from above without the need to switch or move the cleaner, and so on), i recommend following youtube channels: and

Those channels should be also interesting for @AnkerOfficial and @AnkerTechnical (at least of they got someone on the team who speaks german) to see whats currently STANDARD and MUST-HAVE for around 150-250 € and why the current eufy RoboVacs are not competetive and too expensive compared to many other vacuum cleaners.

This guy is very much into the vacuum robo thing in the past months and is doing very good tests. Some time ago he already tested the EUFY ROBOVAC 30C :

And if you understand german and want to know what you currently can get and expect from the 200€ ( 222 USD) sector (the most interesting and most-selled sector with the best price performance) you all and @AnkerOfficial / @AnkerTechnical as orientation, motivation and to see whats up-to-date, check this very helpful TOP5 review:

So i am very curious about those new G-series from eufy RoboVac and i really hope and pray those will be technical up-to-date and competitively priced! As i would for sure prefer to buy eufy robovacs instead of any from another brand, as i could stay in the eufy cosmos then with my eufy cams, eufy door sensors, and so on… :+1:

To make it short, to make a eufy RoboVac intersting for me, it must have at least:

  1. Smart Navigation by Gyroscope or Laser
  2. Smart Multi-Floor-Mapping
  3. Possibilty to define no-go-areas right inside the map (no more magnetic tapes!)
  4. Cleaning and removal of the dustbox from above (from behind/back is outdated!)
  5. At least 90 min cleaning power and 2000+ hectopascals suction power

And all this for around 200€ (222 USD) to be attractive and competetive. I hope the RoboVac G-Series will have all this and hopefully will be available on Black Friday allready. Then i will for sure be one of the buyers!

@Insider Is there any date where we can expect first/more infos and when the new roboVac Series is planed to be release to the market?!


@yamyam, please allow me to attempt to clarify some of the details for you.

RoboVac G (gyro) series does not support mapping, but the L (laser) series does.

RoboVac G10 Hybrid, L70, and L70 Hybrid are all expected to be released later this summer (July, August, or September).

RoboVac G30 and G35 will likely be released later.

Here is an idea of the prices we’re expecting.

RoboVac L70 Hybrid - $549.99
RoboVac G10 Hybrid - $200-$300

Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh … there will be also a L(aser) series? Cool, didn’t knew this.
So as the G(yroscope) series will not have smart mapping (what i can understand at all , because smart cleaning by gyroscope/laser only makes sense with mapping!) and therefore still will use the very outdated chaos cleaning, the L-Series will be my favorite then i guess. (But not the hybrid models)
Will keep any eye on it. Thanks for the informations.

As you are more into the eufy robovac sector and i am only a eufy cam pro yet, may you answer if the L-series will satisfy my following needs or which of the L-series could/will/should, L70? Thanks!

As i guess the L70 (not hybrid) may satisfy my needs above, so you have any price for this one?
To be competitive with vacuum cleaners who all have the above mentioned, like the Ilife V5s Pro, Tesvor X500/V300, 360 S6 and many others, the price for the RoboVac L70 should be at start not above 300-350 USD, so it could be available around Black Friday for around 250 USD i hope. Then i probably will buy it :heart_eyes:

Thanks again for the Infos and Link to the L-Thread @Insider :+1:

Is there already any official site/page for the L70 online? When is the L70 planed to be on the market?
I am kind of excited that eufy finally(!) will bring vacuum cleaning robots which are up to date and may fit my needs. So if the price will also, i would be proud to own a L70 at black friday :wink:

Addition: Uh oh … i just found (the first?) video about the L70! :heart_eyes:
(sadly the hybrid one)

@Insider Do you know why the L70 only have 1 side brush and not two? And do you know how high the L70 is (in cm if possible)? And why are there magnetic tapes in the video? I thought the L70 got:

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RoboVac L70 and L70 Hybrid are the only ones of the L series that have been announced. Eufy seems to have skipped over 40, 50, and 60.

RoboVac L70 should satisfy your list except for #4 and the price. I do not have a price for L70, but doubt it will be as inexpensive as you are suggesting.

Again, RoboVac G10 Hybrid, L70, and L70 Hybrid are all expected to be available later this summer (July, August, or September).

I have no clue why the L70 has only one side brush, but can confirm that is true.

The height is about 4.134 inches.

Finally, you can choose to use boundary strips (not included) or set no entry zones with the app.

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Great, thanks for the answers. I will see and check everything as soon as the L70 is on the market.
Until then … we need to wait :wink:

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Aha I got it
L -> laser
G -> gyroscope

And my old Willy, the 11S?
I think this “S” stands for stupid.:grin:


In that case, the S actually stood for slim.

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I will tell this Willy.
So he will be proud to have the attribute “slim”,
instead of being stupid.:rofl:


Edit: I can not confirm that RoboVac L70 will support multi-floor mapping at launch. This is something that could be enabled through a future software update, correct?

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Stupid is a little harsh,
Maybe it stands for sapient or sagacious-ish🙃


Yes … S … for Stupid chaos cleaning :stuck_out_tongue:

Nothing against your Willy… i guess he is a really nice guy … ehm bot! :stuck_out_tongue:
… but chaos cleaning should only be exist at the 30-100 € vacuum cleaners in the meanwhile, because smart map cleaning by laser oder gyroscope is standard since over 1 year now. Like every new one got it, standard.

Sure, chaos cleaning will also make your castle clean, sure … but it needs more much time, wasting too much electricity (bad for your purse, the environment and at the end for your battery and robovac lifetime) and also will never reach as 98-99% of the space that a smart one will clean. Chaos cleaning is about 85-95% i guess.

Indeed. It’s just a firmware/software thing as the app just needs to be able to add/create multiple maps for multiple floors. So you just need to place the RoboVac onto floor 2 and start cleaning in Map 2 … for example. But @AnkerTechnical can correct us, if we are wrong.

Multi-Floor-Mapping is kind of new to the low budget sector (around 200-250 €) and the latest added feature, but nice to have it and more and more upcoming vacuum cleaner bots have it. So eufy should catch up.

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I’ve got the RoboVac 30C. Mapping my apartment would be nice. Meaning, knowing that it passed through a particular section of the apartment and cleaning elsewhere where the 30C hasn’t traveled. Draw a map into it’s internal memory.

I’d also like for it to know where to stay away from without placing magnet barricades on the floor.


I asked Willy.
The “S” stands for slick.

So I never will give up my loyal Willy and replace him with such a sly one using maps and apps.

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Why not?! … you could call him Swilly then. … Smart Willy! :rofl:

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