Three light case issue on Zolo Liberty

Hi all,
I’m a happy and proud owner of my Zolo Liberty and i’m writing for a friend (he doesn’t really know English) who purchased the same earbuds after seen mines.

He has a issue on the charging case. Once recharged all the three lights are off, and that’s ok. But if he opens the case or just move it in order to switch them on and check the charge, the lights won’t turn off automatically, they stays on for days. The only way to shut them off is to connect the case for charge and then disconnect.

Is there something we can do to solve it or do they have a problem and it’s better to ask for a change?

Thank you very much!!

I’ve seen this occur on mine if I leave them on the charger for a long time. I would suggest only charging the case and earbuds for 3 hours at most and then disconnect them to see if it makes a difference as far as the lights staying on. In fact, it’s best not to leave Bluetooth speakers and earbuds on the charger for long periods of time once they’re at 100%.
Feel free to reach out to for further assistance!


We’ll try this and i’ll be back with the result. Thank you for this first advice!

@foschi.matteo Thanks for bringing this issue to our attention and let’s do some troubleshooting here.

Please place the earbuds in the charging case and make sure the pins on the earbuds are well connected to the pins in the charging case,

The indicators on both earbuds will be steady white when they are properly placed. On this occasion, the earbuds will be auto-turn off from your device.

It does not help, please please contact ZOLO customer service at "" for a further assistance. We will be here to provide a warranty regarding any quality issues. Many thanks.