Thoughts on Google Home?

So, the Google Home is finally shipping! I don’t have one myself, but I’ve gotten a chance to check out several review videos. My question is, what are your thoughts of the Google Home?

Personally, I like it, but I think it’s too expensive. I always thought the Amazon Echo was overpriced, and I think the Google Home is overpriced as well. I’d be willing to spend $50 on an Echo Dot, but not $130 on a Google Home. In addition, it’s lacking a lot of basic features (such as creating reminders and working with common smart products, like LIFX). I know that will be fixed with software updates, though.

What do you think of Google Home? Would you buy it?

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fairly cool but the functionality is pretty similar to that of google now on android. Also its not currently available in the UK :frowning:

I’ll wait for version 3. Not enough functionality just now. I get the pull though. We were the same with Alexa; knew we wanted one but couldn’t figure out why.

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TBH with Android Wear on my wrist for when my hands are wet/dirty it does what I need with me all places all the time and AW is already fairly expensive (I paid $169 for a Sony Smartwatch 3 about 18 months ago).

I think Google as a company is shifting from cool stuff for really good prices into a company getting somewhat greedy. I stopped buying their phones 2 years ago and shifted to OnePlus, I got their Chromecast for $35.

I never bought Apple after an iPod like about a decade ago - they lost the price plot. Google may be going the same way.

Their highly priced products now… I think I’m not buying anything.

I’m even having to get really retro, having to avoid their newest products as they are seeking to lock me into more $$$. Example is the arms race of Android M vs N with Xposed being made harder so blocking ads is harder and now customized apks to make up for lack of xposed. This is Google just trying to extract ever more $ from me.

Enough already.

Tech is one thing, but it has to have a value worth it. The planet only makes some Appletards and I lack that gullible gene.